Put Your Best Foot Forward with Camper

For AW18 Camper footwear joins us at The Hut, and with its launch we delve in to the brand’s iconic history in curating a new found image for futuristic footwear.


Founded in Mallorca in 1975 by Lorenzo Fluxa, who was inspired by his grandfather’s return from a trip to Britain in 1877 with the Island’s first ever sewing machine. From a family of hard working cobbler’s, Lorenzo was inspired to innovate the traditional shoemaking skills of his family to build the iconic Camper brand we know today.

Still made in the rural heart of Mallorca and in its fourth generation, the brand’s footprint is renowned the world-over for its “relaxed” approach to design and composition. Still at the forefront of its genre for its refined styles existing between the realms of ‘sneakers and dress shoes’, the design team at Camper continue to create inventive styles for the smart casual dresser.

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By Alex Neilson-Clark | Images courtesy of Camper

Alex Neilson-Clark

Alex Neilson-Clark

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