Five Summer Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid

With the rising temperatures and emergence of summer, something seems to go awry with our sartorial radar. Even those who you respected all winter for their sharp dress and flawless tailored coats at the office can be led astray by the summer heat, suddenly becoming confused as to what is and is not acceptable in the company of other people. You might even find yourself blinkered as you stop in the street to realise that you have led yourself down a stray path. The haze of summer fashion faux pas can be a perplexing place, and so we have put together our list of the five worst fashion faux pas you must avoid to stay on the sartorial straight and narrow this summer.

Short Shorts

Yes, you may spend far too many hours at the office every week. And yes, you may want to make the most of the sunshine while you can. But that being said, short shorts are not okay. Nobody wants to see any flashes of bum cheek while strolling around enjoying a 99 or a Mr Whippy. For the gents, a general rule of thumb is that your shorts should never be shorter than your swim shorts (and Speedos don’t count, because they are also not okay). For the ladies, a general rule of thumb is… well, stay away.

Cut-off Jean Shorts

We’ve all got that one friend whose creative juices take over in the summertime and goes a bit DIY by taking a pair of scissors to his old denim jeans. While he may be beaming from ear to ear with pride at having saved himself some money, the resulting shorts are well up there with a pair of crocs in their lack of elegance and style. Everything we love in a good pair of jeans—your chosen fit, the fine stitched detailing, the wash—is all jeopardised in one swift swipe of the scissor blade and the result is not flattering. Invest instead in a well-fitting pair of denim shorts by the likes of Levi’s or Selected Homme—and keep the scissors in the draw.

Summer Fashion Faux Pas

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Socks and Sandals

A long established fashion crime, there has recently been a change in the wind regarding the controversial socks and sandals look. The Guardian recently reported how brands such as Calvin Klein and Versace have reinvented socks and sandals for summer while just yesterday H&M dared readers to wear the notorious fashion faux pas. But while it may look (just about) acceptable on the models used by colossal brands such as Calvin Klein, the socks and sandals combination remains the avoidable fashion faux pas for summer. Contrary to current opinion, the associations with the ghostly pale tourist and elderly people on a beach is still firmly intact, and this will be a look you will want to avoid this summer.

Shorts in the Office

Shorts and Flip Flops in the Office

On a similar note to that one friend who gets creative with his jeans in summer, we also know that one colleague who suddenly decides he can no longer hack the tropical 18°C office temperature and comes in dressed ready for the beaches of Barbados. The office is a professional working environment that is based on mutual respect between colleagues. The respect you earn is based on a) your work and b) the way you conduct yourself. Turning up at work dressed for your summer beach holiday is not a proper way to conduct yourself, and will instantly knock you down a few pegs in the eyes of your colleagues. As the office temperature (and quaint smells) begin to rise, opt for light, more breathable clothing and footwear, but leave the shorts and flip flops at home.

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