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Fake Tan Top Tips: Our Guide to the Best Fake Tan

Get glowing this summer with our guide to the perfect fake tan. Fake tanning has become an art; it’s a constant battle with streaks, patches and tell-tale orange wrists but we’re here to help you fake it this summer. Prepare and exfoliate your skin Exfoliating is key to the perfect fake tan, it removes dead skin cells to create a blank canvas for your tan to be applied to. Make sure to moisturise after exfoliating too as this will banish any dry patches that the tan could cling to. St. Tropez Body Polish is one of our favourite pre-tan products, just massage into skin in the shower or bath making sure to concentrate on areas that are prone to dryness like elbows and ankles. st-tropez-fake-tan-exfoliator If you’re de-fuzzing before your tan, leave it 48 hours after waxing and 24 hours after shaving to make sure there’s no skin irritation when you apply your fake tan. We recommend a patch test 24 hours before you go for a full application, just apply a small amount of the fake tan to your skin and if there is any irritation or discomfort, it’s best not to use that product. Exfoliate a few days after applying your tan to give a gradual fade and to avoid patches, sorted! Choosing the right tan for you This takes a little trial and error to find the tone and product that is exactly right for you but don’t worry, our fake tan tips will help you make the right decision. If you’re a fake tan virgin, a mousse is the best place to get started. There are no drips, you get an even coverage really easily and streaks are almost unheard of. st-tropez-self-tan-bronzing-mousse-fake-tan We swear by the St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, it’s incredibly easy to apply and it dries almost instantly. Make sure to get yourself a tanning mitt to make application easy and mess free. st-tropez-gradual-tan For a gradual, natural glow opt for a gradual tan product like this St. Tropez Gradual Tan Kit. It includes a fake gradual tan and a body gradual tan so you can achieve an even glow all over. It also comes with a powder bronzer so that you can highlight and contour. Just apply a couple of times a week to maintain and build a gradual glow. xen-tan-dark-lotion Xen-Tan Dark Lotion is a cult favourite amongst celebrities and tan experts alike, if you’re looking for a natural yet intense olive glow, this may just be the perfect product for you. This is also a great product if you’re trying to find the right shade for your skin tone as you can build it up, simply use a thin coat for a lighter tan and add a second coat if you want a deeper glow.

How to Apply Fake Tan

Take it a step at a time, figure out your fake tan plan before getting to work. We recommend starting at the top and working your way down, making sure nowhere is missed.

Grab a mitt and apply your chosen fake tan to the mitt, work in fluid motions and glide the mitt over your skin until you have even coverage. Take it slow and make sure you haven’t missed anywhere, you can always ask for help with those tricky areas like your back.

Make sure to wash your hand thoroughly after tanning, but don’t forget to tan them too!

Leave your tan to dry completely before getting dressed or getting into bed to avoid any smudges or patches. If you’re looking for a lighter tan, shower around 4-5 hours after application but if you’re looking for a darker tan, shower 8-12 hours after application. If you feel that you want to go darker, simply repeat the fake tan process. Never apply fake tan directly to your feet and hands, always work the tan from your arms and legs to make sure you have an even, light colour. Use a little moisturiser to blend in dry areas and make sure to wipe away any colour on your palms and wrists, nobody wants orange palms!

Our Tan Top Tips

–          Exfoliate and moisturise thoroughly before application

–         Protect your hairline wish moisturiser or Vaseline to avoid tell-tale marks

–          Choose somewhere with bright, natural lighting to make sure you don’t over tan

–          Take your time and allow the tan plenty of time to dry to avoid your tan rubbing off

–          Give your fake tan time to develop by leaving it on overnight and washing off in the morning, make sure to let it dry before climbing into your onesie though!

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