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A Beauty Prescription For Your Skin Concerns

It seems silly to imagine a world without makeup nowadays, purely because of the reliance and love we have for it. If it isn’t worn to look pretty, it is to hide our imperfections and mask the blemishes we believe we shouldn’t have. So whilst make up literally acts as a cover up, The Hut have the answers when it comes to minimising your skin concerns. Whether it is your skin type that is troubling you or your pigmentation, check out our beauty prescription below to help control and clear up your skin concerns.

Dark Circles

Day to day life can be stressful, tiresome and have great impacts on your skin’s appearance. Whether you’re having a busy time at work, travelling a lot or hitting the gym, our hectic lives take their toll on our skin. Dark circles are generally caused by 1 of 2 reasons, pigmentation and dilated veins. Although for some, dark circles are hereditary and for others they come and go with lack of sleep, there are plenty of ways to reduce their appearance before you pick up the make up brush. For brighter eyes try an eye cream from Gatineau  or plasma from Perricone MD to brighten under eye appearance and also colour correct the surrounding skin. Look out for formulas containing Vitamin C to help boost collagen levels and hyaluronic acid to decrease the transparency of the delicate skin under the eye. Similarly invest in the caffeine solution from The Ordinary to counteract puffiness and darker areas around the eyes. Acting as an instant way to boost tired eyes, products containing brightening particles can also be a quick win.

If darker circles are a more prominent issue for you, try using the very on-trend eye patch reformers. For such a delicate area of the face, the under eyes patches reduce puffiness, act on wrinkles and tired bags as well as revitalising a tired appearance. Decongest your tired peepers!


Sensitivity of the skin can be a natural problem, but it can also be brought on by rich, intense products that dehydrate and aggravate the skin. So after a heavy day of makeup or polluted environments you won’t want a heavy product to try and  reduce sensitivity. Look for unfragranced products to reduce irritation. For some, a serums and gels work better due to their light consistency and thinner formula. But for others a soft cream is the holy grail.

Keratosis Pilaris

The appearance of skin can be a real concern, especially if it is irritating and visible to the eye. Often dry skin can affect the entire body and not just the face, making it a larger issue and increasing urgency to find a solution. Ameliorate was created with the premise of becoming the best solution for those suffering with Keratosis Pilaris, and that is exactly what they have become. The mainly hereditary concern, can be affected most when hair follicles become blocked  with a build up of keratin, causing raises and irritation of the skin. Treating bumpy, dry and even ingrown hair irritations, Ameliorate is the go-to brand for transforming skin and leaving it smooth to both look at and touch.


Oily skin may seem like an uncontrollable concern; that no matter how mattifying your makeup, throughout the day your natural shine comes through and overpowers any powder or setting product you top up with.  However, the better you can reduce your oiliness before applying makeup, the longer your face will resist shine throughout the day. Gels work well due to their thinner formulation and quicker setting properties. Similarly, trying a charcoal mask in the morning or before bed can help entice the oils to the surface before you apply makeup; balancing out the hydration across your face and reducing breakouts.

Redness and Rosacea

Redness and rosacea are hard skin concerns to mask and so applying calming products to the skin beforehand can be extremely helpful in reducing the appearance. Although it is a relapsing condition, and usually long-term, finding a daily skin solution and routine that works best for your skin is time worth investing in. For patchy redness mainly found on the T-zone and cheeks, try a balancing face oil in the evening that can seep into your skin throughout the night. Or a serum for hydrating  dry red skin which will create an even surface for the application of makeup. For more sensitive skin that increases in redness with touch, try a mist that can be sprayed from a distance and contains calming properties sure to reduce redness and sensitivity. Remember to avoid harsh products containing fragrances and alcohol and replace with anti-inflammatory, simple products that contain calendula extract, green tea, aloe or senna seed extracts.

By Olivia Seed

Olivia Seed

Olivia Seed


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