Brand Spotlight: Seletti

Established in 1964 by Romano Seletti, Italian brand Seletti features contemporary, modern and unique home products.

Seletti works with young Italian and international designers to create homeware products that are unusual and push the boundaries of traditional design, all while seamlessly fitting into any modern home. Take, for instance, the ‘Inception’ dish rack shaped like Manhattan by Italian designer Luca Nichetto. Based on a scale model of the city, Nichetto created a silicone version with the skyscrapers supporting washed dishes.

Then there’s the ‘Egg of Columbus’ lamps by Valentina Carretta of Fabrica. Made from a coarse paper like the kind you find in egg boxes, the lamps combined recycled paper with a ceramic lamp holder to create simple yet creative shapes.

Here at The Hut though, our favourites from the Seletti range have got to be the neon lights.



From individual letters and numbers, to shapes and full words, these lights are real simple and contemporary pieces that will make a statement in any room; place on a dark, minimal background to make a big impact. With prices starting at just £31.99, these neon lights are an easy way to update your home. Shop Seletti lighting at TheHut.com >>

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Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

Writer and expert