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Our Timeline for a Perfect Saturday Night In

Here at The Hut, we think that the imminent return of The X-Factor is a good enough excuse to snuggle up and stay in every Saturday night from now until Christmas. The last Bank Holiday of the summer is over and the darker autumnal evenings are drawing in, meaning a cosy early night in is just the right medicine to beat the post-summer blues… We’re thinking snug PJ’s, warm hot chocolate, comforting blankets (and maybe a few glasses of wine and bags of chocolate buttons, because #balance).

Follow our guide below to nail a night in on your own and indulge in some much needed ‘me-time’.

6:30 – Start the Night with a Relaxing Bath

Cold dark nights might seem like a dreary alternative to those warm summer evenings spent relaxing in a beer garden with your friends, but they actually provide the perfect excuse to treat yourself with a long, pampering soak in a luxurious hot bath.

At The Hut, we’re currently lusting after the new Elemis Elixir range of shower, bath, and body oils. Comprising of essential modern aromatic blends formulated to benefit both the body and mind, choose your favourite ambience from calm, clarity, fortitude, embrace and sleep. Our pick for your cosy night in is the ‘Calm’ elixir, which utilises scientifically formulated blends to reset the mind and restore harmony at the end of an overwhelming week in work. The blend of 15 essential oils will soothe your mind, body and soul while you bathe; for an extra hit of calm, light the Elemis Elixir Calm scented candle and submerge yourself in a tranquil oasis.

While you’re soaking away your stress in the bath, indulge in some extra decadence with the Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Face Mask. Infused with a rich helping of calcium and magnesium, this deluxe deep-cleansing treatment will draw all impurities from your skin and clear clogged pores. Apply generously to make-up free skin (avoiding contact with eyes) and enjoy your long soak in the bath before washing off 20 minutes later with a damp mitt.

7:15 – Get Cosy

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Step out of the bath and dry yourself off with a sumptuously soft 100% cotton Calvin Klein Riviera towel (leave it on the radiator while you bathe so it feels even more comforting when you get out) and get into your newest pair of cosy pyjamas and a pair of genuine sheepskin UGG slippers.

7:30 – The Essential Snack Pit-Stop

Now you’re feeling cosy and comfortable it’s almost time to settle yourself down for the night on the sofa, but first take a detour via the kitchen to rustle yourself up a platter of treats for your tranquil me-time night. Use our Gourmet Gadgetry Retro Diner Popcorn Maker to prepare fresh and tasty popcorn and serve in our Parlane Enamel Popcorn Bowl. Feeling more elaborate? Treat yourself to some wine from our sophisticated LSA hand painted wine glasses and enjoy a variety of nibbles from the Le Creuset Stackable Ramekin assortment.

7:45 – Set the Scene

Pamper complete, snacks prepared, it’s time to turn your attention to the sofa. Snuggle down between some comfy cushions and grab yourself a blanket. We recommend the sumptuously warm merino wool, alpaca and acrylic Gant Bursa Throw, paired with matching velvet cloud-like cushions. Candles are the perfect way to create a cosy ambience, so re-light your Elemis candle from earlier.

8:00 – Show Time

All the preparation is done and it is time for you to sink into your den of cushions, tuck-in to your snacks and relish in your self-indulgent evening.


Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

Writer and expert