Brand Spotlight: Keith Brymer Jones

keith brymer jones word range

The Keith Brymer Jones Word Range

Keith Brymer Jones is a London potter who started his journey into pottery when he became an apprentice for Harefield Pottery at the age of 18. Although, his passion began even earlier than that at the age of 11 with his first creation: a pottery owl. Keith is now a renowned potter and designer with his standout Word Range which you can find here on The Hut. Our range of designer mugs and ceramic tableware is contemporary, stylish and essentially simple, making these products ideal for the modern home.

keith brymer jones

(Image via Keith Brymer Jones)

Keith Brymer Jones will soon be a familiar face to many households as he is due to appear as one of the judges on the new BBC series, The Great Pottery Throw Down, which first airs on BBC2 at 9pm on Tuesday 3rd November. This show has been produced by the team behind The Great British Bake Off, so it is bound to be the next big British obsession. Over the course of The Great Pottery Throw Down, ten potters from across the UK will be battling it out to become Top Potter and will be tested with challenges such as technicals, much like those seen in The Great British Bake Off.

keith brymer jones set of 4 snack bowls

Keith Brymer Jones Set Of 4 Snack Bowls

At The Hut we absolutely love the Keith Brymer Jones range and its fun simplicity. It makes a great, modern addition to any kitchen. Our collection contains the popular Keith Brymer Jones mugs, tea, coffee and sugar jars, bowls and much more. All of these products feature the iconic Keith Brymer Jones colourful words hand-stamped onto them. These words set these products apart from every other ceramics brand and give them a fun uniqueness.

keith brymer jones christmas mugs

Keith Brymer Jones Giftable Christmas Mugs

With Christmas approaching we’re sure you’ll be happy to know that this range is very giftable. As well as having the more standard kitchen ceramics, we also have a collection of Christmas themed designer mugs. You can choose between the words Ho Ho Ho!, Be Merry … More Sherry, Naughty … Or Nice, Scrooge and Bah! Humbug!, depending on how much or how little you are into the festive spirit.

keith brymer jones bah humbug mug

Keith Brymer Jones Bah Humbug Mug

You can shop the full Keith Brymer Jones range here and browse our collection of unique ceramic homeware, whether you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas or you’d like to update your own kitchen.

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