Bedroom Ideas For An Interior Refresh

Our bedrooms are our own personal vistas, meant to be as cosy and inviting as possible. As a space that’s wholly ours, it’s an ideal canvas for your personal style to shine through, allowing you one room of calm when the rest of the house may feel like chaos. But we can quickly become sick of the same decor night after night in need of a makeover. So to keep your personal haven feeling heavenly, here are some bedroom ideas for an interior refresh. 

#1 Bedroom ideas for couples

navy bedding bedroom


in homeware scandi cushion

Finding bedroom ideas for couples can be tricky, having to balance two often opposite tastes and double the amount of stuff. The battle between tastes can often lead to a master bedroom that feels plain or impersonal, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Our top tip is to take a look at scandi style, providing bedroom ideas galore that perfectly balance masculine and feminine. Take a leaf out of Jessica Skye’s book for bedroom inspiration and play with alternative colours. While we might naturally reach for light coloured bedding, opt for a darker duvet set with light wood accessories and dried flowers.

navy master bedroom wall


If your home allows it, you could even consider adding a coat of navy paint to introduce some depth of colour into your master bedroom. The frosted earth colour palette of whites, blues and greys with warm wooden elements is modern while remaining classic and timeless, merging a bit of romance with scandi minimalism. Not too feminine nor too dark, scandi bedroom ideas for couples bedrooms are great for avoiding clutter while maintaining style. 

#2 Bedroom ideas for women

vintage bedroom style


While shabby chic might feel a little 2012, we’re still big fans of vintage styling in our bedrooms. One of the top bedroom ideas for women at the minute is adding a touch of romance, making your room a luxurious escape at the end of the day. We’re taking inspiration from Kennie Cheng and incorporating tones of pink and gold into our room, adding vintage art deco details. From eye-catching lamps to metallic accessories, add little touches of extravagance into your room to help shake the cobwebs off and turn your bedroom into a luxurious boudoir. It’s all about creating little ‘moments’ in your room, so turn your windowsills or dressing table into an instagrammable scene by adding vintage-inspired frames and vases of fresh flowers. Add in a candle with a fragrance you love and let your femininity run free in a space that’s bright and beautiful and totally your own.

Vintage bedroom ideas


But most of all, make your bed cloud-soft with soft pillows, soft cotton bedding and velvet throw cushions from In Homeware, creating a level of comfort you’ll be dreaming about all day. Creating 5-star luxury comfort at home is easy with a cosy 10.5 tog duvet and feels-like-down cushions.

How To Make A Hotel Bed At Home | 5 Star Comfort


How To Make A Hotel Bed At Home | 5 Star Comfort

The comfort of a hotel bed is unrivalled so we’re sharing the recipe for creating 5-star comfort in your own bedroom.

2022-03-31 16:19:43By Sarah Atkinson

#3 Bedroom ideas for kids

kids bedroom ideas


When they’re no longer a baby but luckily not yet a teenager, bedroom ideas for kids can be tricky trying to find the right balance between fun and calming. A good in-between is to create a calming bed space and keep play separately. Swap out heavily patterned or character themed bedding for a plain colour or simple pattern, this will help differentiate the space for play and for sleep, hopefully making bedtimes run a little smoother. Instead, why not try some more stylised, minimalist decor. We love Ciara Elliot’s star wall, accessorising the room with little stick-on stars that are both playful and calming without being too childish. Framed prints also allow you to help decorate a kids bedroom with it feeling too cluttered or chaotic. Let your child pick prints and posters they love is a great bedroom idea that’s also fun for them and lets them feel like they’ve had more freedom in their own space. 

kids bedroom ideas


Alternatively in small spaces where the distancing of sleep and play might not be possible, take a look at brands like Kids Concept for the best of both worlds. Designed with a focus on sustainability as well as maintaining a sense of calm, their products are as appealing to parents as they are to kids due to their minimal designs invited maximum imagination. Merging practicality with design is always high on our priority list for bedroom ideas. 


Written by Lucy Harbron

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