5 Ways to Make Your Office Space Stylish

Admittedly, the office probably isn’t your favourite place to spend an afternoon. Even if you’re in your dream job, spending 90% of your day glued to your desk isn’t the most fun way to while away the hours…

Offices are often extremely bland in their décor – white desks, a mess of cables protruding from behind computer screens, and used coffee cups discarded for as far as the eye can see. This can only increase the feeling of monotony and boredom throughout the day – after all, if your work-space isn’t particularly creative or inspired, how are you expected to be?

That’s where we come in; here at The Hut, we believe that every office space should feel special and inviting, to help increase productivity and boost morale. We’ve got five ways to help transform your drab desk into a modern and contemporary work-space – you’ll be looking forward to Monday mornings in no time!

Personal Touches

You spend the majority of the week at your desk, but chances are, there are very few personal touches to be found on your workstation. It’s time to change that – why not pop a pretty photo frame next to your PC?

Won’t wash with the boss? Have some of your favourite snaps printed in a strip, photo-booth style, and tape to the side of your monitor.

Injections of Luxury

Rarely lavishly decorated, your office may be looking a little worse-for-wear these days – deluxe isn’t exactly the word that springs to mind. By displaying a fragrant reed diffuser on your desk, you’ll feel more relaxed, and the space will seem (and smell!) considerably more luxurious.

Won’t wash with the boss? Try spritzing your area or cubicle with a room spray – pick scents that are fresh and crisp, as not to disgruntle your colleagues.


As well as being seriously Instagram-worthy, reports have suggested that plants in the office can increase productivity and happiness amongst workers. Whether you opt for something big and leafy – or small and compact – adding some vegetation to your desk is a sure-fire way to overhaul your office.

Won’t wash with the boss? Pick tiny cacti or succulents, which require minimal care – or a fake potted plant, instead.

Cool Coffee

We’re the first to admit that our coffee habit is getting out of control – we’re spending a fortune each week on our caffeine addictions, buying cup after cup from the café across the road. It’s time to up your coffee game, and turn it into a pleasurable experience rather than a necessary evil – invest in a good quality cafetiere and some tasty ground coffee to make barista-style beverages at work.

Won’t wash with the boss? Treat yourself to a flask instead, and brew your coffee at home before heading to the office.

Mock up monitor on table, white brick background

Pamper Session

Between the stale air-conditioning and the drying bathroom soaps, the office can be extremely harsh on your skin. Keep a bottle of hydrating hand cream handy, and a moisturising lip-balm, too, to ensure your skin is always looking its best.

Won’t wash with the boss? Try smaller, travel sizes instead, which you can keep in your handbag under wraps.

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Lily Shepherd

Lily Shepherd

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