How to Style Les Girls Les Boys Loungewear

A brand championing fluidity in fashion, an advocate for no rules dressing and one of our go-to labels for loungewear, Les Girls Les Boys has arrived at The Hut. Founded by the brains behind  Agent Provocateur, Serena Rees, the brand’s loungewear sets are taking us from our beds to the street seamlessly. Along with its no-nonsense designs, bespoke fabrics, ethical practices and army of influencers who love their lounge sets and pyjamas, there’s a reason why the brand is a wardrobe staple.

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#1 Are Les Girls Les Boys a Sustainable Brand?

Self proclaimed fast fashion non-believers, one of the brands main focuses is durability and producing garments that will last a lifetime. Les Girls Les Boys pride themselves on being more responsible, with an aim for their pieces to be shared, swapped and worn time after time for their quality composition, and without ending at the back of your wardrobe. In regards to production, the brand is committed to reducing their carbon footprint too, as they opt for lower impact manufacturing, processes and fabrics. The brand also ships by sea and road rather than air and delivers all products in biodegradable and recyclable packaging that can be reused. Here are some of the other practices which Les Girls Les Boys are implementing to be a more sustainable brand.

  • Printing directly onto clothing rather than using labels
  • Communicating care guides with consumers for a long life cycle.
  • Championing the classics and wardrobe staples that never go out of fashion
Les Girls Les Boys Tracksuit




Written by Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

Emma Bowkett

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