Introducing Master & Dynamic: Your Next Sound Investment

New York audio start-up Master & Dynamic was created back in May of 2014 when entrepreneurial founder Jonathan Levine observed the lacklustre headphones his teenage sons were currently using. Not only were their personal audio equipment lacking in performance and design, but Levine was also saddened that there wasn’t a high-quality alternative for the discerning adult. This I-can-do-better-than-that moment set in motion the journey towards creating an audio product, and brand, with an inherent passion for sophisticated design and exceptional audio performance. Since then, Master & Dynamic has collaborated with the likes of Leica and the Rolling Stones, found itself on the shelves of over 500 partner stores around the world, and is today held up as a world leader in the world of premium personal audio.

How does an audio brand go from the new kid on the block to a global name in the space of just three years? For Master & Dynamic, it always undoubtedly comes back to the product. As soon as you lay your hands on a pair of Master & Dynamic headphones or earphones, it is impossible to be anything other than in awe of the beautiful craftsmanship of its products. Built to offer a blend of outstanding comfort and uncompromising performance, Master & Dynamic headphones are quite literally designed for decades of use. And this is embedded in the brand’s very DNA: Master & Dynamic engineer products to last, using only the finest materials and finishes that are proven to stand the test of time.

One of the problems its engineers identified in the industry was that once an individual part of headphones breaks, normally you need to replace the whole headset; Master & Dynamic design the key parts of its headphones to be easily replaceable, ensuring that its products continue to perform at the highest level even decades after being purchased.

We believe mastery is a never-ending exploration requiring a dynamic approach. Sound is a catalyst and a powerful creative element, helping to focus, inspire, and transport your mind. We build sound tools for creative minds.

But don’t take our word for it: Since its inception little over three years ago, Master & Dynamic has swiftly been taken in by some of the world’s most prestigious brands. In its first year of existence, the quality of its product saw the brand welcomed into stores including New York City’s Opening Ceremony and Paris’ Colette, sadly closed earlier this year. In 2016, the Rolling Stones commissioned Master & Dynamic to create the first ever official Rolling Stone headphones with a limited release of 1962 units to commemorate the year the band was formed. This year, Master & Dynamic teamed up with world photography leaders Leica Camera AG to create a capsule collection of sound tools inspired by the 0.95 lens.

A Beginner’s Guide to Master & Dynamic Headphones


Where it all started for Master & Dynamic, the MH40 headphones were launched in 2014 when audiophile and reviewer Steve Guttenberg of CNET wrote that “Master & Dynamic’s MH40 Headphones win on design, sound, and build quality”. Master & Dynamic’s original headphones are designed with premium heavy grain leather, stainless steel components in all high strain areas and custom 45mm neodymium high-performance drivers for outstanding audio quality.

Key Details:

  • The Original Master & Dynamic headphones
  • Custom neodymium drivers
  • Forged aluminium body
  • Genuine lambskin ear pads

What the press is saying:

Wired: “The over-ear MH40s are the company’s first flagship model, and unlike similarly priced headphones, you’ll find no plastic here.”

Esquire: “So what would you rather do? Blend in or stand out? We say live a little, go for the latter.”

Elle: “The most beautiful and comfortable headphones we’ve tried in a long while.”


Launched at the tail-end of 2015, the MW60 took Master & Dynamic to the next level of audio design. Integrated with Bluetooth, the MW60 headphones are completely wireless to help focus, inspire and transport your mind. Again designed with premium heavy grain leather, stainless steel and an aluminium body for decades of use, the MW60 is best known for its technical sophistication, including 4x industry average signal range and an incredible 16-hour rechargeable battery.

Key Details:

  • Technical sophisticated in wireless headphones
  • 16hr battery life
  • Bluetooth 4.1 with Aptx™ high-quality audio
  • 5-25,000Hz

What the press is saying

Wired: “Simply put, there is no better wireless headphone.”

The New York Times: “With heavy grain leather and stainless-steel components, they have a sleek, urbane look.”

Engadget: “Master and Dynamic’s MW60s are a stellar mix of style and sound”.

Ask Audio: “These headphones feel perfectly sonically balanced”.


With the ME03, Master & Dynamic attempted to distil what it achieved with its signature MH40 headphones into a pair of earphones. 8mm high-performance Titanium drivers are used to deliver outstanding audio quality, with a machined anodized aluminium body designed to offer lifetime use. The ME03 also features changeable silicone ear tips and fantastic tangle-resistant rubber cables using oxygen-free copper.

Key Details:

  • Custom 8mm titanium drivers for high-performance audio quality
  • Tangle-free rubber cables using oxygen-free copper
  • Separate remote & mic for increased vocal clarity & reduced noise

What the press is saying

GadgetFlow: “…you’ll experience your tunes like never before with deep bass and crisp highs.”

BestTechnie: “…extremely portable, sound very good, look sleek, and are well-built – the Master & Dynamic ME03 earphones are an excellent choice.”

droidhorizon: “With the combination of that great sound and look, I think these are a must have.”


Launched late in 2016, the Master & Dynamic MW50 headphones were modelled on the brand’s MW60 headphones but designed to take things to the next level. In addition to offering best-in-class signal range and performance, the MW50 headphones are notably one-third lighter in weight than the MW60—making the MW50 the perfect wireless headphones for use around the home, in the office or during travel.

Key Details:

  • One third lighter than the MW60
  • 16hr battery life
  • Bluetooth 4.1 with aptX™ high-quality audio
  • 5-30,000Hz

What the press is saying

Wired: “Performance [of the MW50 is] like a fancy over-ear headphone except these things are smaller, lighter, more comfortable and wireless.”

PC Magazine: “Accurate, rich, crisp sound signature. Luxurious materials and comfortable, classic design.”

The Huffington Post: “Hands down, the best wireless cans you can put on your ears in 2017.”


The ME01 earphones epitomise Master & Dynamics signature fusing of a sleek, minimal design with quality materials and audial performance. Custom titanium drivers, an anodized aluminium body a blend of high performance and durability, and the earphones also feature tangle-resistant rubber cables, silicone ear tips and separate remote and mic.

Key Details:

  • Custom 8mm titanium drivers for high-performance audio quality
  • Tangle-free rubber cables using oxygen-free copper
  • Separate remote & mic for increased vocal clarity & reduced noise

What the press is saying

Highsnobiety: “A strong replacement to your white iphone ear buds. Do it.”

Refinery29: “A sleek set of earbuds”.

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

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