What to Pack When Travelling with Baby

We know the thought of travelling with baby can be pretty daunting. Being away from home, a fully stocked fridge, and cupboard full of nappies, it’s enough to put you off going away altogether. But that doesn’t need to be the case, getting out and about with your child has many benefits, from developing their sensory skills to helping lay the foundations for future learning.

Whether you’re visiting family in a nearby town or going overseas, ensure you’ve packed the essentials by following our go-to guide on what to pack when exploring with your baby. Here’s everything you need to get prepared…



#1 BABYBJORN Baby Carrier

An absolute MUST HAVE item to pack when you’re travelling with a baby is a baby carrier. Whether you’re simply walking from A to B or staying out all day, baby carriers calm the baby and help to naturally stabilise temperatures. Baby carriers also provide essential skin to skin contact and support whilst simultaneously giving you the freedom (and privilege) of being able to use both hands! This BABYBJORN carrier is made from super-soft materials and cotton straps meaning ultimate comfort for both you and baby.    

#2 BABYBJORN Travel Cot

Having the ability to pitch a baby’s cot up anywhere anytime is a necessity when travelling with a little one. Knowing that wherever you are baby has a comfy bed is a real bonus. The BABYBJORN travel cot light will make travelling with baby as stress-free as travelling with a baby can be. It comes with separate carry bag, allowing you to lift out and set up in one effortless movement. With no loose parts that need attaching, the legs unfold automatically and the mattress has a built-in base plate that ensures the cot stays put.

#3 Angelcare Baby Bath

Bath time can be tricky at the best of times, and especially when you’re away from familiar surroundings. Something to aid an away from home bath time is this Angelcare baby bat. Ergonomically designed it allows parents to be hands-free for washing, playing and having an all-around fun bath time experience.

#4 Babymoov YOO Baby Monitor

Feel comfortable leaving your little one to get some rest while you catch up with friends and family with the Babymoov YOO Baby Monitor. With long battery life, portability and design it is the perfect monitor for travelling.  It also provides special features like nightlight and temperature functions and 180⁰ wide-angle night vision.

#5 Sophie La Girafe Natural Teether Set

It’s inevitable that your baby will become slightly unsettled whilst away from home, to ease their discomfort it’s really handy to have a soother available. Great for new mum’s to keep in their handbag, babies start to recognise the natural smell and offer comfort especially to restless or teething babies. Sophie La Girafe is made with natural rubber and natural paints and is the perfect size for little hands.

#6 Aden + Anais Classic Dream Blanket

An essential for all mums and dads, the beauty of the muslin blanket is its multi-functional uses, perfect for offering comfort, your baby will love being swaddled in the breathable soft fabric. This Aden + Anais Blanket is perfect for when travelling with baby, use it for spills, spit-ups and as a nursing cover. Check out all the uses of the Aden + Anais blanket in this handy video.

Oxo Tot Four Piece Feeding Set

We’re all aware of how messy mealtimes can get, whether you’re dining alfresco in the park or simply don’t have access to baby-friendly kitchenware, the Oxo Tot Four Piece Feeding Set will be your saviour. The set features non-slip plates and bowls as well as a knife and spoon that are both crafted from stainless steel and have curved ergonomic handles that make them easier for little hands to grapple on to.



Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

Writer and expert