Wedding Gift Ideas: Thoughtful Presents for Newlyweds

The wedding season is upon us; from July through to September, over half of this year’s weddings will be taking place and it is likely you will be gracing at least one marital affair with your presence. Once you’ve sorted out your own outfit, the trickiest decision you will face is deciding on your wedding gift. Even if the bride and groom have kindly drawn up a wishlist of coveted goodies, do you really want to be the one gifting the happy couple a memorable stainless steel cutlery set or some nice new tea towels? The Hut’s guide to wedding gift ideas will inspire you to offer a thoughtful, tasteful yet practical gift to your loved ones to spur them on their way towards marital bliss.

Home Accessories


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Once the big day has passed and the happy couple return from their exotic honeymoon, the time will come to truly begin their lives as newlyweds. One of the first tasks will be transforming the home from the my-side your-side pre-marital division into something that is united, stylish and modern. Tasteful home accessories, such as those by Scandi minimalists Menu, offer the easiest way to personalise your interiors, whether that be with photographs of the big day, new plants or new friends.


A central hub to the house and one of the most important spaces in any house, a well-organised and decorated kitchen can be the platform for a happy home. Modern appliances are crucial for easing the burden of moving into a new home as well as building up your crockery to fill the cupboards. You can’t go wrong with Le’Creuset, their luxury kitchenware is long-lasting and classic in style.


Wedding Gift Ideas Just Slate Tableware

In addition to the home appliances, good quality tableware can help inject personality and character into a kitchen while also adding practicality. Finding the balance between practical quality and stylish charm can be a challenge, but brands such as Bloomingville and Broste Copenhagen manage this with aplomb. From elegant stoneware bowls to rustic-inspired wooden serving platters, the latest collections ooze contemporary minimalism and are ideal for adding an elegant finishing touch to kitchen spaces.


Even post-wedding, there is going to be plenty to celebrate and a set of champagne glasses makes for a refined wedding present. For the more stylish couple, focus on the quality of the glass and industrial shape with a set such as Tom Dixon Champagne flutes which are crafted from high-quality, mouth-blown glass. If the happy couple loves vintage design and was enamoured of Leo’s portrayal of Jay in The Great Gatsby, you are sure to hit the right note with timeless set of champagne saucers.

Home Fragrances

Married life isn’t always a walk in the park, and when juggled alongside working, social and family commitments there will be times when both husband and wife need some me-time. Coming home to a clean house infused with a fresh, relaxing fragrance and curling up on the sofa is one of the easiest ways to unwind, and so offering a natural wax candle or reed infuser can be a simple yet effective gift for newlyweds.

Bed + Bath

Luxury bedding is a treat that can often be overlooked with the expense of the wedding and married life, but one that is thoroughly worth it when the opportunity arises. Sliding under a crisp, high-quality duvet at the end of a long day is a luxury well worth offering the happy couple. The Hut’s selection of bedding, throws and towels combines premium materials with contemporary designs perfect for couples taking their first steps in their marital abode.

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