New Season in homeware x Yasmin Fatollahy

Number two in our trio of in homeware collaborators is interior blogger Yasmin Fatollahy. Adding character with a pop of colour and abstract art is what Yasmin does best. With an eclectic taste in interiors, Yasmin’s collection will give your home a fresh update with a selection of prints and soft furnishings. Here’s a behind the scenes look at how she styles the in homeware x Yasmin collection at home. 

Yasmin Fatollahy

I’d say I’m predominantly influenced by colour – how it can both express, but also stimulate, a person’s mood or emotion. My choice in furniture is typically influenced by a blend of mid-century and more “traditional” styles, which I think creates this beautiful timelessness about my home whilst upholding a modern feel!

in Homeware x Yasmin collection

I’ve always been creative, and chose to study design, then when I hit my early twenties I really started to have an eye for interiors – when it finally came to me owning my own home I really had the opportunity to experiment.

Honestly, I really couldn’t say I have a favourite interior trend! If you looked through my Pinterest you would find a whole host of different styles and trends. I love a minimalist home from a design or aesthetic perspective, but I much prefer living in an eclectic setting.

I have a love for abstract art which has been my main inspiration for the collaboration, in the way it breaks the rules of form and function and is entirely based on the artists or designers’ expression.

The range of cushions are my favourite, mostly because I am a total cushion addict! But also because I’m really happy with the final designs, they’re super versatile and will be a good stepping stone for people who are looking to introduce quirkiness into their interior.

The sitting room is by far my favourite room in my house, it’s south facing so the sun pours into it throughout the day and it’s got such a cosy vibe about it on an evening. Oh, and it also contains my yellow sofa which was the main reason I started my Instagram account in the first place!



I update my interiors just about every week. Just ask my boyfriend who will not let me forget how often I end up picking up my paintbrush in the late hours of the evening which is when I have the most motivation (and best ideas, might I add) to switch something up around the home.

My simple formula for updating my interiors is paint + accessories. Think of your home as a painting, you’d add your base  (the paint) and layer on the detail (the accessories) bit by bit, which don’t have to break the bank!


Interview with Yasmin Fatollahy

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Emma Bowkett

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