Easy Updates To Create A Self-Care Bathroom 

Over the last few, quite challenging years the conversation around self-care has become more and more apparent. With home renovations still on the rise, well-being and spa-inspired rituals have become a massive focus for home interiors. Creating mindful spaces where we can retreat and unwind has become a major priority and bathrooms are at the top of the list! 

Taking into consideration that a new bathroom suite can be a big investment, here are the easy updates to help you create a self-care bathroom without breaking the bank…

easy bathroom updates


#1 Indoor Plants

Our first easy update would be to consider your ‘aircare’. Aircare is improving the air quality around you by using fragrances, plants and cleaners. Incorporating indoor plants has unlimited healing benefits for you and can transform a room.

Not only do they act as decor, bringing in the outdoors, but they are also air purifiers. You can start with all-natural air-purifying plant species that work well in low-light environments and require little care. Style them up in different planters or pots to make them aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with your decor. 

#2 Fragrance

Add natural candles or diffusers to the space. These can freshen up the air and make you instantly feel more zen. Whether you prefer an open flame or a constant fragrance they are a very easy way to make space for a more luxurious. Our sense of smell plays a huge part in the way we feel, we associate smells with situations.

easy bathroom updates


So if you want to relax and unwind the perfect way to escape is to try #scentscaping. Look for forest-inspired woody notes and green scents such as vetiver to help bring in a natural home fragrance. 

#3 Natural Materials

Add in some natural materials such as stone or wood, this could be with your bathroom finishing to some small bathroom furniture. Adding in natural materials gives the space a warmer tone, it breaks up what can sometimes be a colder room. In particular Cedar and Acadia wood are perfect for bathroom accessories.

easy updates for your bathroom


A survey showed that over half of those who were considering a home improvement wanted their bathroom remodelled. If you are looking to revamp your bathroom, consider the position of your bath, why not position it under the window to you can look out into the outdoors? Consider your lighting, are there warmer bulbs and lighting alternatives to the bright spotlights? 

#4 Spa-like Accessories

Bathing rituals are an easy way to update your bathroom. Incorporate a luxurious towel rack, bath salts and scrub brushes with curated trays and dishes arranged around your sink or tub. Prioritise bathroom furnishing that is going to give you a spa-like experience and allow you to enjoy those self-care moments.


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