A Beginner’s Guide to CrossFit: An Interview with Reebok HQ

Built upon a strong American heritage and authentic passion for sports and fitness, Reebok has firmly cemented itself as a leading global sportswear brand. Catering for every level of athlete from CrossFit Games champion to recreational runner and weekend yogi, Reebok believe that everyone has the capacity to achieve great things.


At Reebok we see it as our purpose to inspire people to be their absolute best. We believe that fitness is a way of life. Tough Fitness is our take on fitness for all that are willing to conquer the unknown obstacles in life.

But what actually IS CrossFit?

CrossFit is a fitness phenomenon created by ex-gymnast Greg Glassman. Glassman’s definition of fitness was the first that allowed the term to be truly measurable: increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Theoretically, if all aspects of fitness can truly be measured, it becomes possible to accurately crown someone as the Fittest Man/ Woman on Earth (the highly sought after title given to the winner of the fiercely competitive and increasingly popular CrossFit Games).

In simple terms, CrossFit is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Each CrossFit workout (or WOD – ‘workout of the day’), is based on functional movements that reflect core aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting and cardiovascular exercise. These exercises are combined in a different configuration every workout, with varying times and different rep ranges utilised to maximise the amount of work that the athlete can complete in a short time. Each WOD is infinitely scaleable meaning whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete beginner, CrossFit is suitable for everyone.

Looking to increase strength, improve work capacity and get into the best shape of your life in just 20 minutes a day? CrossFit is your answer.

We sat down with Sarah from Reebok HQ to really get to grips with the CrossFit phenomenon, talked everything ‘Reebok ethos’, and bagged ourselves some great workout tips too.

Reebok are all about honouring the body you’ve been given – in today’s selfie-filled filtered society do you think this message is still achievable?

It’s difficult to separate yourself and your worth from social media sometimes, but setting performance-based goals definitely helps you honour the body you’ve been given. Whether it’s five strict pull-ups or a 100kg deadlift, it’s completely black and white whether you’ve achieved it – and once you have, you’ll find your confidence soars.

The women’s competition in this year’s CrossFit games was fierce – do you think it’s positively affected Reebok to be associated with such strong female role models?

The women’s competition was so exciting this year! We’re proud to be a women’s-first brand, so we’re honoured to have such strong female role models to represent Reebok.


Do you think the CrossFit phenomenon is here to stay, or is it just another ‘fitness trend’ that will come and go?

It’s hard to say, as trends come and go so fast nowadays, but with CrossFit’s growth in participation over the past couple of years it’s not showing any signs of going anywhere soon. Plus, it’s become more normalised – it’s now the workout everyone can do, rather than that odd workout your hardcore friend did.

What can CrossFit offer me that a commercial gym can’t?

Community and coaching. You’ll build friendships through going to your CrossFit box (that’s what gyms are called) and you’ll find yourself supporting and being supported by people you’ve never spoken to before. You also receive advice and support from a coach whenever you’re in the box – there are no big commercial gyms who can make that claim.

I’m not very fit, will I be able to keep up?

Yes. Everything is scalable, so put your ego aside, learn the basics, move steadily and well, and your fitness will improve.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone just starting their health and fitness journey?

Take it steady and just change one or two things at a time, like drinking 1 litre more water per day or going to the gym twice in a week. Changing too much at once can be overwhelming and tough to stick to.

What’s your favourite way to warm up before a workout?

Personally, I get moving for a few minutes on an airbike, then spend around 20 minutes doing dynamic movements which work on mobility and muscle activation. Then I’ll jump in on the class and do the workout-specific warm up with them.

What do the Reebok team love to listen to while they train?

It’s either grime or the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack. There is no in-between.

If you could only do three exercises for the rest of your life what would you pick and why?

Squat, bench, deadlift. These moves cover the entire body, hit the push/pull/legs tick-boxes, and you can switch up the rep ranges for strength, endurance and hypertrophy.

Summarise the new Reebok CrossFit collection in 3 words

Built for CrossFit – or designed by CrossFitters!

Finally, give our readers a quick WOD to try!

Cindy – 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats. Sounds easy? See how you feel after 20 minutes of it – count how many rounds you get done!

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

Writer and expert