Introducing Clarks and Clarks Originals

Clarks has been a longstanding household name in every family. There will be a pair of their shoes in every home – whether that’s a traditional pair of brogues, a contemporary pair of heels or something a little more sporty.

The quintessentially English shoemakers are the go-to brand for beautifully made, ‘everyday’ shoes. Combining comfort and practicality with catwalk-inspired silhouettes and modern designs, Clarks is a brand that moves with the times and embraces trends – whilst staying true to its roots.

Clarks shoes


Originally founded in 1825 by siblings James and Cyrus in the sleepy village of Street, Somerset, Clark’s design and sell over 50 million pairs of shoes every year. Priding themselves on innovative design, the health of your feet no matter your age is at the heart of every pair of Clarks shoes.

Clarks shoes are still made in England, Somerset where they originate from. Their factories are in Vietnam, India and, soon, the UK. Clarks previously moved their factory from the northwest of England to the Far East but have recently announced that they are building a factory next to their headquarters to aid the manufacturing of their desert boots.

Clarks Shoes


Clarks shoes are designed for optimum performance and are manufactured for all foot types, styles and foot concerns. They are true to size and you should not buy the incorrect size for your feet because it can lead to not-so-nice things such as blisters.

Then came Clarks Originals. There’s quite a difference between the two collections; whilst Clarks was born in Somerset, the idea behind the Clarks Originals Desert Boots – arguably the most iconic of the Originals styles – came from Burma, where Nathan Clark was serving with the British Army. Noticing his fellow officers weren’t wearing appropriate footwear, Clark begins designing a new style of boot, made with suede and distinctive orange stitching.

Clarks Originals


The Desert Boots were an instant success – even though the original idea was eschewed by the board of directors. The world over fell in love with Clarks Originals and today is globally recognised for their styles, possibly seen as the cooler, younger brother to Clarks.

Clarks Kids Shoes

Buying your kids a pair of Clark’s kid’s shoes seems to have become a right of passage, whether it’s their first steps to their first day at school. Clarks has become the go-to for comfortable, durable and smart shoes for them to wear every day from a baby up until their teen years.

Clarks Kids Shoes


Due to children’s feet growing at such a rate, we advise you buy their shoes pretty much when you want them to be wearing them. So, for example, if you are buying them for the new school term buy them in August / September so you can get as much wear out of them as possible.

If you are looking online but are unsure about the sizing, use the Clarks Size Guage to find the right ones for your little ones.

Clarks Kids Shoes 

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