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What baby monitors are best? | VTech Complete Guide

If you talk to any new time mum, they will tell you that an absolute essential is a baby monitor. Becoming a mum definitely brings new anxieties you haven’t experienced before, you can find it hard talking your eyes off your baby for even one second. A baby monitor will allow you to do the life basics and monitor them while they sleeping so you don’t need to keep checking them. 

Wondering what baby monitors are best? Here’s our complete guide on VTech baby monitors. They are the leading baby electronic brand with all the modifications you could need. Here are the benefits of having a baby monitor, the different types and what each smart device does. 

What baby monitors are best


The Benefits

The main benefit of a baby monitor is peace of mind. Peace of mind so that you can have a shower knowing that you can see and hear your baby in the other room. Peace of mind that if you need a nap, you can take one and not feel like you need to have one eye on your baby at all times. You need to continue to look after yourself as hard as that might feel at first. 

It also allows you to live a little bit more, so if you want your family or friends to visit it means you can engage with them while being in a different room to your baby. The monitor allows you to also monitor your baby’s movement and breathing so that you don’t worry about the worst. Monitors can also allow you to communicate back to your baby if you are in another room, soothing them with your voice if your hands are tied for two more minutes. 

What baby monitors are best


The different types of monitors?

#1 Audio Monitors

These tend to be the most affordable option. They will allow you to hear your baby, but not see them. They provide two units, one which you put next to your baby and one that you can keep with you so you can hear when your baby is stirring. 

#2 Video Monitors

Video monitors allow to you see and hear your baby. You need to be able to view the video feed which is usually with a screen or an app. You need to position the camera in your baby’s room somewhere that gives you good visibility, on the side of the cot or on a chest of drawers. 

#3 Movement Monitors

Movement monitors track the baby’s movement which is an additional unit. Usually, it is a thin mat that goes under the cot. They will monitor your baby’s breathing giving you extra reassurance. 

#4 Wearable Monitors

Wearable monitors are like fitness trackers, they monitor their heart rate. You can clip them on the smart device or they can be worn and it will track their movement and breathing. It can also be recorded in the app and they often work in conjunction with a video monitor, so you get sound and pictures too. Tracking this data can help reassure anxious parents during sleeping times and work towards creating sleeping habits for your baby. 

What are the best baby monitors


The different VTech Monitors

#1 VTech DM1212 Audio Night Light & Projection Baby Monitor

The VTech DM1212 is the NEW audio night light and projection baby monitor.

  • Allows you to hear your baby from an indoor range of up to 75m and an outdoor range of up to 460m. 
  • The monitor has DECT technology for a secure connection, and clear sound and allows you to talk back through the intercom
  • It has a glow-on-the-ceiling projection and night light
  • Five lullabies which can all be used to soothe your baby
  • It has a built-in vibrating sound alert on the parent unit, a low battery alert and a temperature sensor. 

#2 VTech VM923 Video Pan & Tilt Baby Monitor

This monitor is the new video pan and tilts baby monitor.

  • It has 2.4GHz FHSS wireless technology and a 2.8” colour LDC screen with automatic night vision. Giving you a really clear view of your baby
  • You can pan, tilt and zoom the camera remotely with an indoor range of up to 50m and an outdoor range of up to 300m
  • This device has a battery life of up to 19-20 hours. If you need it to be wireless it will alert you when it’s running low with a temperate sensor
  • Two-way talk intercom and soothing sound lullabies

#3 VTech VM5463 Night Light Projection Video Baby Monitor

This baby monitor won the award ‘made for mums’ when it launched in 2021.

  • This is very similar to the VM923 the only difference is the screen is bigger with 5” colour LCD screen 
  • 12-hour battery life
  • Standout glow-on-the-ceiling projection with different colour options

#4 VTech RM7767HD Smart Wifi Pan & Tilt Baby Monitor

  • This is the VTech RM7767HD with a 7” colour LCD screen with 1080p full HD video quality.
  • You can view your little one via your smartphone or tablet and it has an automatic infrared colour night vision for when it is dark.
  • It has a multi-colour night light, 360-degree panoramic viewing pan, tilt and zoom. Wide angle viewing up to 110 degrees up & down.
  • It’s a two-way talk system with soothing lullabies again to help your baby settle.
  • Temperate and humidity sensor on this device and has motion detection and activity recording. 

#5 VTech RM5764HD Smart Wifi Pan & Tilt Baby Monitor

This is very similar to baby monitor option #4 but it has a slightly smaller screen.

  • Motion detection and activation recording, free live viewing on smartphone or tablet etc.
  • You can pan, tilt and zoom the camera 
  • The only main difference as this baby monitor doesn’t have a multi-colour night light. 

The VTech brand is a highly recommended brand not only due to its affordability but for its safety too. They are notoriously safe with plug in and wi-fi monitors for you to choose from, so we hope that you can the perfect one for you and your baby. 

what baby monitors are best


If you are looking for a device to soothe your baby, a team favourite is the VTech BC8313 V-Hush Sleep Training Baby Soother. This is a sleep training programme which lets you record your voice and has sweet, neutral songs that will help you calm your little one. It has all the little features that you want for your nursery such as the multi-colour night light, glow on the ceiling projection and a bedtime story function.


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