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How to choose the perfect vase | Vase Buyers Guide

Every room in your home should have a beautiful vase. They are one of the most versatile homeware accessories and are such a simple way to add so much more to a space. Stand-alone or with a bunch of flowers or even an all-year-round dried arrangement you can dress them as you see fit. 

Vases also make the perfect gift. Whether you are looking for Mother’s Day or a housewarming present. With such a big range it can become tricky to know how to choose the right vase for you. Here’s your complete guide to help you choose a vase, covering glass and stone vases, shapes and inspo…  

how do i choose a vase


How do I choose a vase?

You might be thinking, but how do I choose a vase? These are the tips we would urge you to ask yourself. Who you are buying for? Whether you are buying for yourself or someone else you need to think about what you already have. Whether is it to their taste? What type of flowers do you buy? Most and most importantly, do you instantly feel drawn to it? 

Secondly, this is most important when buying for yourself but what space are you buying for? The sizes of vases can hugely vary with some being grand centrepieces and some small delicate shelf accessories. You need to understand what is going to complement your space, what type of colour, and what type of material or texture. Do you want it to make a statement or be simplistic, will you keep it as part of your shelf curation or will it just be for the table when you buy flowers?  

The different types of vases

There are two main materials that vases are made out of. The first is traditional stone vases that are usually glazed. These are made from clay and date back to the Egyptians when they produced clay pots on slow-turning pottery wheels. These are extremely long-lasting and often have a painted finish. 

The second most common material is glass vases. Glass is made from natural raw materials (sand, soda ash and limestone) that are melted at very high temperatures to form glass. It can then be moulded into different shapes and they can use oxides to create different colours. 

How do I choose a vase


How do I choose a vase style?

#1 Bottleneck 

Bottleneck vases have a narrow neck and are often taller and slender in shape. They have a long neck which is perfect for longer-stemmed flowers, pampas grass or pussy willow. It will hold the stems closely together and create a lovely addition to a corner of your home or on a shelf. 

#2 Flared 

Flared is one of the most classic styles of vases because it was designed with flowers in mind. They follow the shape of the flowers and are very good for bouquets or larger bunches of flowers. They often make the bunch of flowers appear full and are perfect for your average-length stems. 

#3 Cube

The cube-shaped vases are very popular for narrow spaces such as mantel pieces and window sills. They come in all different sizes, perfect for smaller bunches such as daffodils and larger flowers such as lilies. They are simplistic and can be more minimal vases if you have a modern space. 

How do I choose a vase


#4 Decorative 

Decorative vases are vases that have unusual shapes or are overstated in size that will be a statement in their own right. Often it doesn’t need anything in it, it is just beautifully eye-catching setting the tone for a coffee table or side table. In this case more is more, whether they are beautifully twisted or made with a beautiful glass effect, you want something that you will love and keep forever. 

#5 Jug 

Traditional and timeless, the jug is perfect for that relaxed look. Especially if you live in a period house, conversion or cottage the jug makes a stylish but versatile vase. Idyllic with garden flowers, these are a super easy way to bring colour into your home. 

#6 Rounded 

Rounded vases are always super versatile. Depending on the time of year you could add yummy treats, flowers or fir cones to the vase. If you did want to include flowers, they suit rounded flowers. Peonies and hydrangeas make wonderful centrepieces for your dinner party or soiree. 

how do i choose a vase


Brand Recommendations

If you know what type of style you for example if your home is minimalist and natural then you should shop by brand. Ferm Living, Cooee Design and Bloomingville are experts in natural forms and Scandinavian styling. You will no doubt find their textured effect and beautifully sculpted shapes the perfect fit for your aesthetic. 

If you like subtle pops of colours which can be modern or quite traditional then these would be our recommendations. Often soft pastels mixed in with neutral and primary colours, then brands HAY, Broste Copenhagen and Day Birger ed Mikkelsen are best sellers right now. 

If you are looking for quaint and quirky pieces to add to your home then find the new in bright and joyful vases. Our top recommendations would be brands DOIY, Los Objectos Decorativos and Sophia Enjoy Thinking. They have different pieces from shell vases to venus head vases for you to elevate your space. 


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