The Father’s Day Gift Guide Quiz

Father’s Day is a mere two weeks away – for the forgetful amongst you, that’s the 19th June – and we’re already thinking about what to treat our Dads to. There’s still time to enter our Father’s Day competition to win a hamper of goodies, but in case you still need a little help, look no further! Take our Father’s Day Gift Guide Quiz to determine what sort of Dad you have, and then discover the perfect gifts for him – guaranteed to nab you some serious brownie points…

At the weekend, your dad can usually be found…

a. Out and about – whether he’s off for a stroll in the countryside, cycling around the coast or hitting the gym, he’s never sat down for long!

b. Browsing the shops, followed by a spot of lunch and well-deserved glass of Merlot.

c. Whipping up a roast for the family – with proper, home-made roast potatoes.

d. Snoozing in front of the TV; he’ll be there until Monday rolls around…


The three items that best match your dad’s personality are…

a. A pair of well-worn trainers, walking poles, and a map of the countryside.

b. A designer tie, expensive briefcase and luxury car.

c. A pair of oven gloves, a casserole dish and a much-loved cookbook.

d. A ‘favourite’ mug, a newspaper, and a pair of cosy slippers.


The celebrity your dad is most like would be…

a. Bear Grylls.

b. George Clooney.

c. Jamie Oliver.

d. Jeremy Clarkson.


Which meal best suits your dad’s personality?

a. A picnic hamper full of sandwiches and other nibbles.

b. A three course meal, accompanied by a glass of champagne.

c. A rustic Italian feast, made entirely from scratch.

d. A salty, vinegary fish and chips treat.


The three words that best describe your dad are…

a. Will try anything!

b. Next Top Model.

c. “Shall I cook?”

d. “Where’s my paper?”



Mostly As | The Active Dad

Your Dad is never in one place longer than a few minutes – he’s constantly out and about, doing something sporty. A lover of all things active, he’s a keen cyclist, runner, swimmer – or maybe even a full-on triathlete, marathon runner or Iron Man competitor…


This Father’s Day, treat him to something from our Sports and Outdoors Shop –  a pair of trainers from our New In edit, some sporty accessories like a new  gym bag or a pair of sunglasses, or maybe some new designer active wear.


Mostly Bs | The Stylish Dad

Almost better dressed than you, your Dad is a keen follower of trends and likes to look good. He likes his labels and enjoys shopping for new key pieces each season – he’s a real fashionista!


Treat Dad to some wardrobe essentials this Father’s Day – choose some statement pieces from luxury designers in our Menswear Shop, including BOSS Green, GANT, Lacoste and Selected Homme. If he’s got enough clothes, opt for some classic accessories instead, like bags, sunglasses and watches.


Mostly Cs | The Amateur Chef Dad

You’ll never go hungry with your Dad around! Always in the kitchen trying out a new recipe he’s spotted online, your Dad loves to cook and experiment with flavours and ingredients.


If you’re looking for a really extravagant gift this Father’s Day, check out some of our top-of-the-range kitchen appliancesWhether he’s a coffee connoisseur or a brilliant baker, there’s something for every budding Gordon Ramsay!


Mostly Ds | The Chilled Dad

Often found with a newspaper in hand and a cup of tea by his side, your dad is funny, kind and an all-round good egg. Although he insists he doesn’t need anything for Father’s Day, treat him anyway!

Keith Brymer Jones-1-carousel-category-880x360

Take a look at our Gifts Under £30 list for some cute trinkets that are guaranteed to make him smile – one of our favourites is the Keith Brymer Jones ‘Daddy’ Mug!

Browse the Father’s Day Shop here


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