Striking the right balance between minimalism and play with nursery furniture and toys

Decorating your nursery in preparation for your new baby is an exciting milestone in your pregnancy. Creating their perfect little room gives you that peace of mind that you have all of the essentials ready for when they arrive. 

Looking at nursery decor ideas, functional furniture and thoughtful toys, we have put together a full guide for you that will carry them from newborn to primary school. Striking the perfect balance between style and play, we have looked at the benefits of creating a clutter-free space that fosters creativity and relaxation.

Nursery Furniture and Toys


Embracing minimalism in the nursery

Paint & wall art inspiration

Starting at the beginning, when your walls are bare, find decor inspiration that you might want to adopt. You might want to match the theme of your nursery to the rest of your home or go with something completely different, but dig out some inspiration for nurseries you love. 

When it comes to the walls in your nursery, you can be more creative in comparison to the other rooms in your home. Whether you want to create some panelling or go for a darker accent colour, the key is not to go overboard and look at complimentary colour schemes.  For example, creams, navy blue or a mix of pale pinks, pick a theme and stick with it. We have seen many nurseries that have a feature wall with the accent colour which then can be matched to the accessories and soft furnishings. 

Simplifying furniture choices

Opt for multifunctional pieces that serve multiple purposes, such as cots with storage drawers or changing tables that convert into dressers. Think about the layout and functionality of this room, for example, if you are having a changing area, you need space for you to be able to move around. You may have found some gorgeous curtains but will shutters be more practical in regulating the temperate and keeping the room dark?  

Choose furniture with clean lines and a neutral colour palette for a minimalist aesthetic, whether that’s a cosy shearling seat or a traditional armchair. When choosing furniture think about whether it’s child friendly as they grow older and start moving around. You don’t want to feel as though you need to change the whole nursery as they grow out of their baby years. 

Nursery Furniture and Toys


Decluttering and storage

You don’t want the room to feel over-cluttered, so be selective when you’re buying for your nursery. Try and make a list and stick to it. Storage is key to your nursery being a relaxing and calming environment. Consider wardrobe spaces and storage units to maximise the space in the room.

The storage you choose will help keep the room looking clean and presentable. You can use minimalist dressers that shut everything away or use cute storage containers or baskets for when you need products can get your hands on quickly. Brands such as Bloomingville and Firm Living are great for aesthetically pleasing storage pieces.

Ordering everything in a systematic manner will keep your mind at ease and help you when you are running on minimal sleep. It also means if your partner or family member is helping with the nappie changes or feeding, they will clearly be able to find anything they need.

Creating a calm & serene atmosphere

When we talk about a minimalist nursery we don’t necessarily mean white walls and sparse furnishing, we just mean a clutter-free environment for you and your baby. Creating a nursery that is well thought out, clean and considered will create a sense of calm and relaxation in this room that will have health benefits for you and your child. Somewhere for you to enjoy away from the busy outside world.

Use soft lighting, furnishings and curtain drapes to give it a light and airy feel. You can use nature-inspired decor, natural materials and soothing colours to also promote a serene ambience.

Nursery Furniture and Toys


Balancing colourful accents

With pops of colours to the nursery, you can add a playfulness to the room without overwhelming the space. You can experiment with contrasting colours which you might not ever feature in the rest of your home. Colour brings a sense of happiness and joy which is what you want in this bedroom.

You can also play around with patterns, patterned wallpaper or a printed rug. You could pick vibrant cushions or wall decals to capture your eye and elevate the space. 

Personal touches

You can draw inspiration from their gender, their name, things you loved as a child or other nurseries you have seen. You could include their initials on the walls or soft furnishings. Or, find some wall art that is personal to you and include family air looms for accessories. Things that your parent’s kept from your childhood or old sentimental teddy bears. A nice way to personalise a nursery is with bunting, you can even personalise them yourself. 

Thoughtful toy selection

Opting for open-ended toys

Open-ended toys mean the toy doesn’t have an end goal and that if you gave the same children the same toy they would play with it differently. This not only helps the child not to become bored of the toy after a handful of times. It also means they develop creativity, imagination and their own personal interests. Open-ended toys include building blocks, play kitchen sets and lego to name a few.

Nursery Furniture and Toys


Introducing elements of nature

We all know when children are young the correlation between baby animals and woodland creatures. Their prominent in their bedtime stories, fluffy toys and in some of their first words. It’s nice to bring nature-inspired elements in with toys like plush animals, wooden rattles, and mobiles with natural motifs. There are some adorable ones in the Fiona Walker collection, from the jungle to safari animals.

Scandi-inspired toys and decor

This is often the sour point for us parents as kids’ toys can be such an eye sore. But not to worry, because here at The Hut there are so many amazing kids’ brands that now focus on sustainability and design but still are fun and allow your child to develop with play. 

One of our best sellers is the Larisia and Pumpkin Ball Pit, which offers the perfect soft play for your toddler. These ball pits not only come in complimentary colour schemes that are soft and minimal, but they are also CE certified. This means that none of the balls or pits are made from toxic materials. 

Nursery Furniture and Toys


If you haven’t already checked out Kids Concept then their extensive range of play concepts is one to know. From a concept kitchen to a tool bench, these are large-scale toys that are perfect for a nursery. Furthermore, the mix of natural fabrics and Scandi-inspired design gives a softer feel. In comparison to the harsh brightly colour plastics you often see. They also have a range of kids’ tipi which are really cute for a nursery. 

Most girls throughout their childhood have an obsession with babies and doll houses. If you are looking for a beautiful doll house that doesn’t compromise the minimalist style of your nursery but is one your little ones will love and cherish forever, then take a look at the Le Toy Van range. These are the crème de la crème of doll houses, a true work of art. With two and three-story houses, they have beautiful inside features, charming shutters and colour schemes to choose from. They also have shopping trolleys and train sets in the collection that is equally as charming. 

Nursery Furniture and Toys


There’s always something nice about a rocking horse in the corner of the nursery. It takes you back to your childhood nursery and hours of endless fun. If you don’t want to compromise the style of your nursery then start with Scandivians kids brands. They have perfected sustainable, authentic kids’ toys and modern interpretations such as rocking scooters. Made from wood in plush colours, they will just complement your overall aesthetic of the nursery. 

Finding the right balance between minimalism and playfulness in the nursery is key to enabling you to enjoy this room. It will also mean the room needs fewer updates over the years, allowing you to get the most out of your investment. Embracing a clutter-free environment will allow you to create a relaxed and calming environment where you want to spend time. Furthermore, it promotes creativity for your child. Lastly, be selective with your furniture and seek toys that align with your desired aesthetic, you don’t want them to end up in the bin a year down the line.


Written by Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

Writer and expert