Games and Christmas Crafts For All The Family This Year…

With the dark nights and stormy days, we are all keeping ourselves busy with Christmas prep. Hanging up the decorations, batch cooking and making sure the last of our present list is checked off. But one thing you can never quite prepare enough for is the entertainment and the amount of it you need. 

From keeping the kids occupied, to the games you want handy for when you’re hosting this Christmas, we have you covered. With a mix of crafts, puzzles and board games, these are the ones to have up your sleeve this festive period… 

Games for all the family

Inclusive for everybody these board games get the kids and the grandparents involved. With the latest versions of Charades and Monopoly for your home town, these are the classics everyone should have in the cupboard. Stock up so if there is ever an afternoon you are lacking some fun you can be sure everyone will be happy with this choice. 

Games for the Kids

These are the games sure to be your kid’s favourites. The Stand Up Sit Down Card Game is the kid’s quiz with a twist. Answering by sitting down or standing up makes it keeps general knowledge fun and burns off some of their energy. You also have some really cool jigsaws for every age group, a great way to keep them quiet, depending on their age favourites would be the Peppa Pig Puzzle and the Harry Potter Puzzle. 

Christmas Crafts

These are a few easy-to-do ideas that can do at home for yourself or with your children. They make lovely decorations to put around your house or you could even give them as a gift – you know what grandparents are like, love something homemade! 

#1 Mini Pinecone Christmas Trees

pinecone trees

Image Credit – Pinterest

What you will need: 

  • Forage or buy some pinecones 
  • A base for your pinecone tree (wooden slices or cork drink mats) 
  • Glue (gun or stick) 
  • Beads, berries or pom poms (any little arts or crafts you want to decorate your mini tree with)  
  • Optional: A star for the top of your tree 

Little tip: If you collected your pinecone from outside you may want to rid it of any little pests so preheat your over to 200g and bake for half an hour, also pinecones with a flatter bottom will be easier to place. 

Start sticking your little decorations over the pines, you can add as little or as much as you want. Then give the base a good layer of glue to ensure it sits tight on your base. Attach it to the base and voila. 

#2 Scrap Fabric Christmas Tree Ornament

Fabric Trees

Image Credit – Pinterest

What you will need: 

  • Fabric Remnants 
  • Cinnamon Sticks or Twigs 
  • Glue or Glue Gun 
  • Twine 
  • Scissors 

Cut your fabric into 9-inch by .75 inch strips. A little tip; choose fabrics that are double-sided so the pattern is visible no matter which way you twist the fabric. Tie the fabric scraps onto your stick (tie right over left, then left over right) and used about 13 strips of well-bunched fabric on each cinnamon stick. Snip off any strays as you go and cut them into the shape of a Christmas tree. Lastly, glue your twine in a loop to the back of the ornament so you can hang it up and you can add little accessories at the top if you want to replicate a star. 

Cards Games For The Adults

If your kids are a little older or you’re wanting something funny for you and your friends then these are the ones we would recommend. Firstly Buzzed the drinking game is a fun one that isn’t rude with inclusive questions. Then No Way! Is a good one to test your poker face – bluff your way to victory. 


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