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The Best Egg Puns (To Make You Crack Up This Easter)

Sarah Atkinson
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Easter is the time to celebrate Spring, indulge in way too much chocolate and to revel in the two extra days off. It really is a wonderful time of year, but there is one more reason why we love Easter so much. It’s also an egg-cellent excuse to crack out some egg puns to amuse your co-workers, family, friends or, most likely, yourself. If you thought there wasn't an egg pun for every social situation, then you were very wrong indeed.

Egg-straordinarily bad egg puns are the way forward at Easter so we thought we’d put together a cracking list of the most egg-ceptional eggs puns out there.

Egg-cellent Egg Puns

These egg puns are ideal for casually slipping into conversations for a little egg-stra fun!

Egg-sactly Egg-citing Egg-static Egg-stravagent Egg-splosive Eggs-ercise Egg-ceptional Egg-streme Eggs-aggerate

Egg Related Puns

What do you call an egg that's gone off? Egg-spired!

I can't egg-splain how much I love puns.

Why did the egg cross the playground? To get to the other slide!

Did you hear about the egg who ran away from home? It wanted to break free.

What do you call an egg who's always telling jokes? A yolk-ster!

Why did the chicken lay an egg on the roof? She wanted to lay it on the highest perch.

Why did the egg go to school? To get egg-ucated!

What do you call an egg that's good at math? An egg-sact mathematician!

Why did the egg refuse to be boiled? It didn't want to be hard-boiled!

How do you know if an egg is good at tennis? It's always serving aces!

What do you call an egg that's always complaining? An egg-grumbler!

Why did the egg go to the seance? It wanted to speak to its egg-spelled ancestor!

What did the egg say to the frying pan? "You crack me up!"

Why did the egg join the police force? It wanted to be an egg-cop!

What do you call an egg who's just broken up with its girlfriend? An egg-spatriate!


Slight harder to work into conversations, but you’ll get egg-stra points for every one you can squeeze in!

Don’t yolk with me You’re poaching my best yolks Happy Fry-day! Don’t be such a chicken Stay on the sunny side up That’s cracking Let’s hatch a plan Omelettin’ this slide Shell shock You’re such a rotten egg I’m scrambled I might whisk it! You’re so hard boiled Are you egg-noring me? Don’t you like my egg-cellent jokes?

Egg-Squisite Egg Preparation & Presentation

Surprisingly, eggs aren't just for inspiring puns, they also make vital centrepieces to egg-squisite breakfasts and brunches.  So while you're indulging in some pun-based hilarity here we, take a look at our favourite ways to prepare and present your eggs this Easter.


Sarah Atkinson
Writer and expert
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