What kind of jewellery is most popular? 

Whether you are looking for yourself or a loved one, jewellery has always been a must-have in every women’s wardrobe. You’ve heard the saying ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ well it’s true we love our jewels.

Whether you like simplistic timeless jewellery or bold and playful accessories, you can never have too much! So if you are looking for something to wear on special occasions or to gift someone you love, this is the kind of jewellery that is most popular right now from our favourite brands. 

most popular jewellery


#1 The Gold Bangle

Inspired by the iconic Cartier bangle, gold bangles are on the rise. Boosting a chunkier but timeless aesthetic, you can pair them up together or wear them solo. They look great next to a watch. You can mix and match in either gold or silver to achieve a well-put-together look. 

Find one’s that are a little more playful which are padlock charms from Kate Spade, always a brand that opts for super feminine finishes. Or, for a more luxurious classic clasp from Coach and Tory Burch. 

#2 Pearls

Pearls have come so popular again. Always known for their very chic and sophisticated appearance, they are used for every day to dress up an outfit. Elevating a simple knitwear jumper, they are a great option for every day. 

Whether you want a statement necklace or some pearl earrings, brands are experimenting with different designs to create standout pieces. The Tory Burch drop pearl earrings are perfect for day or night or the Thomas Sabo necklace with three separate pearls you could layer or wear solo. 

most popular jewellery


#3 Bright Pops of Colour

Joyous dressing and dopamine colours are a trend that’s here to stay. Worn all year round, pops of colour are used to elevate any outfit. Not only that, but they always make us appear more glowy in our completion. 

Bright-coloured jewellery is a lovely addition to anyone’s wardrobe, so we would recommend the Kate Spade collection. They include deep coloured stones which really make an impression or the Ted Baker collection, which is perfect as we head into summer. 

most popular jewellery


#4 Draw String Bracelets

Drawstring bracelets are one of the most popular styles we are seeing this season. Stacking them up so you have a cuff on your wrist. It’s the perfect effortlessly jewellery trick and it is perfect for work, weekends and also holiday dressing. Where you don’t want anything to curated, you just want an easy look.

Explore Tory Burch’s new collection for the perfect drawstring bracelet this season, with numerous colours for you to choose from. 

#5 Charm Shapes

Nostalgia and 90’s inspired jewellery is something we have all adopted into our jewellery collection. Reminding us of things we wore as a child is brightly coloured jewels and overstated uplifting pieces, the trend is to wear them in an overstated style. 

Numerous rings or layered-up necklaces are popular ways to wear your new jewellery. Charms, animals, love hearts and padlocks are all among this season’s best sellers. Shop brands such as Kate Spade, Estella Bartlett and more to find something you will love and keep forever. 


Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

Writer and expert