Discover the strength of the Amazon with the new Strengthening Oil from Grow Gorgeous. Rich in exotic oils and omegas, Grow Gorgeous Strengthening Oil has been found to restore 90% of your hair's natural shine in just 2 applications.

One of the Strengthening Oil's key ingredients is Chia Seed Oil. Chia is the Mayan word for strength, so the clue is literally in the name! Increase your shine and experience the strength of the Amazon with Grow Gorgeous' new Strengthening Oil.

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Grow Gorgeous products effectively promote hair growth and encourage hair health to allow your hair to unlock its full potential. Grow Gorgeous goes beyond just the appearance of your hair to your stimulate your scalp and the over-all health of your hair.

Across the Active, Protect and Cleanse & Nourish ranges, Grow Gorgeous unique formulations use in innovative ingredients to bring your hair to life. The products complement and can recreate your hair care routine.

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