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Calvin Klein Underwear Fit Guide

With legendary campaigns and runway looks, there’s a reason why Calvin Klein has been a household name for over five decades. As well as their ready-to-wear designs in mens and womenswear, Calvin Klein underwear is one of the brands most popular offerings. From their boxers to their fabric bras, comfort and support is just as much a priority as style, with their quality composition making Calvin Klein underwear sets a must-have. From what a size M means to how to measure your bra size, find all the answers you need in our Calvin Klein underwear fit guide.

Model wearing Calvin Klein fitted bra

#1 How does Calvin Klein Underwear fit?

Calvin Klein underwear fits true to size. If you’re ever unsure on which size to get use our handy guide below. 

It’s not uncommon not to know which size you are, so don’t worry. Here’s a useful guide explaining how bra sizes work, so you can finally be in the know!

#2 What bra size is a S, M, L, XL in Calvin Klein underwear?

Confused by the S, M, L or XL sizing of Calvin Klein soft bras? Use our guide below to easily convert into your size.

Step one – Find your size in the chart below and take note of the bust number associated to your size.

Step two – Take a look in the second table and find which bust measurement you fit into and voila!

32 A             83.5            69-71
32 B               86            69-71
32 C               89            69-71
32 D             91.5            69-71
32 DD              94            69-71
34 A              86            74-76
34 B              89            74-76
34 C            91.5            74-76
34 D             94            74-76
34 DD           96.5            74-76
36 A             89            79-81
36 B            91.5            79-81
36 C             94            79-81
36 D           96.5            79-81
36 DD             99            79-81
38 A           91.5           84-89
38 B            94           84-89
38 C           96.5           84-89
38 D            99           84-89
38 DD          101.5           84-89


















XS 79-84
S 84-89
M 89-94
L 94-99
XL 99-104
1XL 105-110
2XL 111-115
3XL 116-121

#3 How to measure your bra at home

If you’re like us and haven’t been to a bra fitting since that trip with your mum, Calvin Klein have got you covered with this guide.

Two women wearing Calvin Klein soft bras

#4 What material is Calvin Klein underwear made from?

For comfort and durability, the label’s underwear is crafted from a mixture of fabrics including cotton, modal and elastine – to stretch and mould to your body shape.

#5 Signs of an ill-fitting bra

Spotting these tell tale signs will ensure you avoid any ill fitting bras in the future.


Images and videos courtesy of Calvin Klein

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