Towels Buying Guide

A Buyer's Guide to Towels

Helping to explain any unanswered questions on quality and fabrics, our buyers guide has been designed to guide you through our collection of long-lasting plush towels.

Fabric FAQs

Most towels are made from cotton materials but the type of cotton fibres used, affect the softness, durability, absorbency and colour retention.

Highly absorbent, soft and durable, Egyptian cotton is made with extra-long fibres for a long lifespan. Luxurious to touch, Egyptian cotton towels are a great addition to your bathroom.

Our super soft towels are made from 100% soft cotton. The ideal composition for bathroom towels, known for fluffy and quick drying qualities. 

A favourite of luxury hotels and spas, Turkish cotton is a premium fabric. With fewer joins and consisting of extra-long fibres, Turkish cotton has stronger and smoother threads for an extra luxurious feel.

Known for its strength, softness and colour retention, Supima cotton is durable and becomes softer wash after wash. With less fibre ends exposed, the fabric is more resistant to any damage making it perfect for both bath and hand towels. 

Caring For Your Towels

Yes - extra notes TBC

Avoid using fabric softeners to prevent residue that reduces absorbency.

Yes, tumble dry after washing to maintain absorbency

Wash at 40-degree heat. 

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