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Established by pioneering outerwear specialist Harvey Gross in 1975, Penfield is an industry leader in crafting high-quality outerwear products that marry functionality and a distinct 'New England' style aesthetic.

Penfield's first collection was made up of four key outerwear styles, each of which was constructed using ripstop Nylon insulated with down and quilted to make the jacket as warm as possible. Even before outdoor enthusiasts caught wind, the brand saw its first successes in the department stores and luxury boutiques of America—only highlighting the Penfield's ability to fuse technical sportswear with timeless fashion.

Penfield tore through the outdoor industry like wildfire, quickly becoming America's go-to brand for premium outerwear. Within just four years, the brand was already exporting its coats and jackets to an international market where its success only continued. Penfield continues to be run by outdoor enthusiasts to this day, and its products are conceived, designed and manufactured to be able to take on the relentless New England climate.

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