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Give your skin a youthful boost with Magnitone London. The Magnitone Pulsar is a daily skin cleansing and tonal system which uses Active Electromagnetic Technology to refresh, cleanse and stimulate your skin, including face and body. Using the Magnitone Pulsar daily will leave your skin looking youthful and glowing, after only 7 days.

How will the Magnitone Pulsar help you?

Deep Pore Cleansing, using an ultra fast sweeping cleansing action that glides softly over your skins surface a hundred times per second, encourages trapped dirt and oily impurities to lift to the service. Leaving your pores clean and blackhead free.

Stimulate the Skin, with 4 daily cleansing modes the Magnitone Pulsar uses an innovative PulseLiftMassage mode which enhances stimulation for your skin. This will increase blood circulation to areas which require special attention as well as helping to provide skin cells with oxygen and vital nutrients.

Smoother skin can be achieved with your BodyCleanse brush by removing dry, rough and dead skin more gently than other methods of exfoliation. Your arms and legs will feel silky soft and skin irritation can be reduced after hair removal treatments on legs, armpits and bikini lines.

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