The Activate range has been created using proactive ingredients and innovative process to provide you with a range that will stimulate your cells and follicles. Ingredients such as Biotin, Chinese Skull Cap and caffeine work to increase the visible thickness and improve the health of your hair.

The Protect range was designed to provide you with protection from external aggressors and damagers such as UV rays, pollution and over exposure to heat and chemicals. The range uses natural and exotic oils which form a shield to protect your hair and increase hair breaking force.

Ingredients such as the conditioning complex, hydrating Panthenol and naturally occurring Hyaluronic Acid work within the Cleanse & Nourish range to provide your hair with immediate and long-lasting nourishment. Try the Overnight to Gorgeous Masque for a pampering treat.

Grow Gorgeous products effectively promote hair growth and encourage hair health to allow your hair to unlock its full potential. Grow Gorgeous goes beyond just the appearance of your hair to your stimulate your scalp and the over-all health of your hair.

Across the Active, Protect and Cleanse & Nourish ranges, Grow Gorgeous unique formulations use in innovative ingredients to bring your hair to life. The products complement and can recreate your hair care routine.

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