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Aqua Optima water filter cartridges have been developed to remove high levels of impurities found in tap water, giving you a purer, healthier source of water.

While the Aqua Optima cartridges filter our contaminants including limescale, chlorine, heavy metals and herbicides, its intelligent filtering system also retains beneficial elements including fluoride and potassium. 

Compatible with all Aqua Optima and Brita Maxtra water filter jugs, the Evolve water filter incorporates the brand’s patented five step fast flow filtration system to remove high levels of impurities from tap water. 

5-Step Fast Flow Filtration System

  1. 1. The fine particle filter removes large particles, sediment and rust.
  2. 2. Activated carbon adsorbs chlorine and filters out organic impurities, including humic acids, pesticides and herbicides.
  3. 3. A special ion exchange resin helps prevent limescale build up and reduces heavy metals.
  4. 4. The fine mesh filters out tiny particles.
  5. 5. The shape and structure of Evolve ensures a consistent fast flow is maintained throughout the life of the product.

The Benefits of Filtered Water

  • •  Cleaner, healthier water hydrates the body more effectively
  • •  Pure water enhances the taste of hot and cold drinks and meals
  • •  Removal of limescale and impurities extends the life of kettles and other domestic appliances
  • •  Pure water improves the rate of your metabolism and can help with slimming
  • •  Improved quality of water delivers more essential minerals to your body—giving way to a better complexion and clearer skin

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