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The iconic table top football game Subbuteo brings the excitement and challenge of football straight to your home. Fun for all the family, Subbuteo The Game has everything you need to get started.

Buy Subbuteo online from The Hut and choose your Subbuteo team colours from our range available as well as everything you'll need to play from the pitch to extra footballs.

Subbuteo Rules

The rules are very similar to those of association football, but with a few tweaks so before you get started, make sure you know the basic Subbuteo rules.

Kick Off

Flip a coin to decide which team kicks off and the game begins! If the ball doesn't touch a player from the opposite team, it is still in play. The objective is to kick the ball from one of your players to the other. If the ball does not touch your player or hits a member of the opposite team, it is now their turn to play. If the ball is kicked out of play, the game must be resumed by a member of the opposing team taking a goal kick or throw in to resume the game. During play, players cannot be picked up and moved.

During Play

A standard game of Subbuteo football last for 20 minutes for each half, but this can be changed depending on the players. Professional games are 20 minutes each way but if you're just having a kick about at home, you decide. The standard amount of players is two (one per team) but this can be extended as long as everyone understands who's responsibility it is to move the players.

To score a goal, the player must be in the shooting area. The ball must be completely over the line. Don't forget to keep score as you play!

At the end of the game, if both Subbuteo teams have the same amount of goals, extra time must be played. This is usually around five minutes. If the amount of goals are still equal, it's time for a penalty shoot-out. Each team gets five shots at the goal.

Enjoy the game!

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