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Great Plains

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Great Plains is a London-based clothing brand which launched in 1989. It aims to provide the ultimate must-have collection, combining your basics – such as understated jeans and tops – as well as contemporary, high-fashion pieces. This means you will be able find the perfect outfit for any occasion in one place, making this brand very suitable for the demands of the modern wardrobe. The brand has a unique feel, and you’ll notice its signature design accents which run throughout the range.

Great Plains clothing focuses on versatility with its range of dresses, feminine separates and knitwear, all of which can be worn in a variety of combinations. This gives you the freedom and creativity to experiment with on-trend fashion. With this brand you’ll find comfortable clothes without having to sacrifice premium quality – you can enjoy both.

If you enjoy freedom and versatility in your wardrobe then Great Plains is the perfect brand for you.

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