How To Organise Your Cupboards | Tips From The Top Influencers

In recent years many have shifted to a more authentic newsfeed with influencers talking about a more realistic approach. Moving away from fake shiny lives people have opted for tips on how to muddle through things such as motherhood. With this, we saw the rise of Mrs Hinch Essex hairdresser who provided everyday cleaning nacks on her stories. Now as we come out of a very strange 18 months we have seen the rise of the Orgfluencer turning our attention to our clutter blackspots. Whether you become obsessed with Marie Kondo or Stacey Solomon’s Tap to Tidy stories we have all decided to turn our attention to organising our homes. Knowing where to start when organising can be hard so here’s who to follow for the best home organisation and some tips to get you started. 

A organised pasta cupboard


The Benefits

With surging popularity for storage equipment such as baskets, plastic containers and Kilner jards many people have reported that the process of organising their clutter has given them a way of coping with everyday anxieties. Recalling that focusing on something productive distracts their mind from other worries and an added bonus is you feel a great sense of accomplishment at the end. Clearing away clutter and giving everything a place in your home allows you to clear clutter clogging up your mind. If you feel that you are on top of your home then you are in control of your life making every day a little easier for you. 

Getting Started

  • Getting some of the following will help you get started; containers, drawer dividers, Tupperware, trays, Kilner jars, baskets. You don’t need to go out and break the bank, you can be creative and reuse things that you already have such as jam jars. 
  • If you are going to tackle a room, give yourself plenty of time. Make a note of which areas are really irritating you and start by removing everything, clean the area and then reorganise making the most of your storage spaces.
  • Key places to start organising are kitchen cupboards, dressing tables, laundry cupboards, cleaning cupboards, wardrobes and your photo album on your phone. 
  • When organising your kitchen some utensils are better kept upright for example baking trays and chopping boards – makes them easy to grab and looks better.
  • Compartmentalize your drawers. Some drawers such as your dressing tables might want to have a mini bin compartment in, making it easier to keep on top of tidying.
  • Pans in your kitchen and towels in the laundry cupboard can all be stored on rails to utilise space. You can buy rails that hang of doors if you don’t want to do any major DIY.
  • When working from home it can be useful to have a separate cupboard for your work stuff so that you know where everything is and can shut it away at the end of the day. Space-saving desks are also a practical way to utilise space and can be folded away when you want to hide it.
  • Practise file folding for your fabric items such as towels, tea towels, t-shirts. When done properly it will give you more space, allow you to see everything in the drawer and not disrupt anything else when you take one out.
  • Add a cord keeper to appliances. This is a major one for tidying up spaces such as your kitchen worktops, behind your TV or your dressing table. It will smarten up all of the cords preventing them from getting tangled.
  • One of the most challenging places to keep tidy is the shoe cupboard/rack but arranging them in the heal to toe order will give you more space when organising keeping them neat.

Top 5 Orgfluencers For Inspiration 

#1 @horderly

A oragnised cupboard


#2 @thedeclutterdarling

An organised book case


#3 @thehomeedit

A organised kitchen drawer


#4 @homganize

An organised toiletry cupboard


#5 @simplyorganised_

An organised sweet drawer



Written by Holly Thompson

Featured Image Credit – @homganize 

Holly Thompson

Holly Thompson

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