What is Valentine’s Day Really All About?

Giving you all the information about the history of Valentine’s Day…

When is Valentine’s Day?

Thursday 14th February marks Valentine’s Day for 2019.


Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

As a celebration of love and affection, the Feast of St Valentine is often enjoyed in a less religious way than first intended. Taken on by western culture, Valentine’s day often signifies a day of gift giving, chocolate eating and date preparations. Whereas traditionally the Roman festival was held in jubilation of St Valentine, a priest known for marrying soldiers in the third century AD against the orders from Emperor Claudius II who had banned such partnerships.


As a result, the priest was put in jail and sentenced to death. Here he met the daughter of a jailer and fell in love. He was taken to be killed on the 14th February and had left her behind a love letter that was signed off with “from your Valentine”.

Ever since the church has used this day to celebrate his life and commitment to love, and many use the day to express their feelings…


So to help you prepare for the special day, we thought we would answer your questions about what your partner expects on Valentine’s day and how much you should be spending…

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By Olivia Seed

Olivia Seed

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