Edwin x Kabuki Present Your Weekend Soundtrack

To lead us into 2018, longstanding German DJ and product Kabuki has produced a mix for EDWIN showing his love for meditative bass-laden soundscapes with music by artists such as the Underground Resistance associated project Los Hermanos, US producers Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom, German leftfield glitch hero Oval and Saint-Petersburg/Russia based producer Oak.

Before he devoted his life to the bass and to the drum, Kabuki studied guitar for a while before he quit to be part of Megashira, one of Germany’s finest drum and bass projects. He has also been involved in other fabled German drum and bass projects such as Einzelgänger, Makai and MK2, in which he fused hip-hop with drum and bass in a futuristic way.

A lot has happened since Kabuki made his first steps as a producer in the 90s, including a stint in Japan where he produced soundtracks for video games and refined his production skills. Throughout his career, he never lost track of what was going on in the world of bass music. As a result, he recently published a bass music influenced EP on the French imprint Vandal Limited and together with renowned UK-based pal dBridge he dropped “New Forms Season 1” in 2017 –  an LP full of deep sound spheres, mesmerizsng rhythms and heavy absorbing bass terrains that features some of his friends like Zed Bias and Addison Groove.

I have tried to put together music that is suitable for listening and drifting away. That was my concept and I enlarged it with a modern glitch krautrockvibe.


  1. Los Hermanos: Galaxy Traveler
  2. dBridge: Better than the Pain
  3. Stray: Pushed
  4. Danny Scrilla: Prism
  5. Croms: Invisible Cities
  6. Dissident: Orbital Debris
  7. Delia Gonzalez & David Russom: Black Spring
  8. Bop: Fragments
  9. Subtle: Last Time
  10. Oak: Sandman VIP
  11. Oval: Do While
  12. Oak: Untitled 09
  13. Glacci: Lifeforce
  14. Deft: Fallout
  15. Sparky Balboa: Weck Mich Nicht Auf (Kabuki Remix Instrumental)

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson

Writer and expert