So here at The Hut we all know how important that male grooming is, especially during the warmer summer months! Every man wants to look and smell great in the sunshine, so we’ve decided to put together our Top 5 Male Grooming Products just for you lucky lads.

1. Menscience Advanced Deodorant

Coming in at number one is every man’s essential: deodorant. This advanced deodorant from Menscience boasts an advanced formula that is actually fragrance-free, and is enriched with Aloe, Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Extracts to provide a non-irritating, soothing formula for your underarms. Whilst it may have no fragrance of its own, it still provides you with long-lasting odour elimination, as well as as drying and smoothing, meaning you stay fresh, dry and odour-free all day long. Perfect for staying fresh on these hot summer days (which will hopefully appear soon!).


2. Remington Multi Grooming Kit

This Grooming Kit by Remington is more important than most men will realise! You may love your beard right now, but if you do fancy shaving it off after you’ve enjoyed the sunshine, you’ll be left with a rather embarrassing ski-mask face look. Top half of your face may have some nice colour, but the bottom half will be ghostly pale thanks to your beard acting as a shield to the sun’s rays. Take heed now, and either take the plunge and go clean shaven, or make sure you keep your beard nicely trimmed and groomed in a style you’ll want to keep for the long term with the help of this Grooming Kit.


3. Men-U Healthy Facial Wash

Now most men might now particularly care about maintaining an efficient skincare regime, but now is the time you should start! Your skin can go crazy when the weather changes, switching types, suffering from break outs, you name it, your skin can suffer it thanks to the weather. Stay on top of your skincare with this Men-U Healthy Facial Wash, which provides an antibacterial deep cleansing formula, designed cleanse your skin and help protect against spots and blemishes. Sweet and simple.


4. American Crew Citrus Mint Moisturising Body Wash

Rolling up at number four is the American Crew body wash. A body wash is an absolute essential for any man who wants to stay looking and smelling clean and fresh this summer, and American Crew is a classic brand for a reason. This body wash is guaranteed to be high quality, boasting a cooling and cleansing freshly scented formula, blended with moisturising elements to help prevent your skin from drying out in the hot weather. Keep it clean, fresh, and cool with this American Crew Citrus Mint Moisturising Body Wash.


5. American Crew Daily Shampoo

Shampoo is a must have product for everybody. Doubtless you already own one, but this summer step up your game with the American Crew Daily Shampoo. Boasting the American Crew classic fragrance and high-end cleaning properties, this shampoo is perfect to help cleanse your scalp, as well as fight against oil build up in the roots and hair drying out; a none too pleasant summer curse for hair. Perfect for the summer sun, and in fact all year round, you can’t put a foot wrong with this Daily Shampoo by American Crew.


Hopefully you’ll find these Top 5 Grooming Products helpful for the upcoming summer months. Now let’s just hope the sun actually comes out to play soon!

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