Another great week of reviews from our customers this week at! Here are some of this week’s most entertaining and possibly useful reviews:

All Star Karate Nintendo Wii All Star Karate – £14.73

Star rating: 5

By: yasmine

Opinion: my kids love it

Bought this for my boys… and they adore it. Good clean fun, no need to worry about them trying it on each other! says: We like to hear our products promote safety and fun all in one! No Judo Chopping each other please!

Wild Sling

Wild Sling – £8.43

Star rating: 5

By: Mark C

Opinion: This thing is brilliant, I wouldn’t say it fires quite as far as it claims, but its still a brilliant invention. There is nothing more satisfying than firing a water balloon from 100m away and soaking your unsuspecting victim. I would definitely advise anyone looking for some light hearted fun to get this! says: Oh how I love a good prank like this! I’d say getting hit by a water balloon in this weather would make for a refreshing shower!  Hit me!! 😉

BlurBlur – £38.73

Star rating: 5

By: Kev

Opinion: ace

My mates all went for Split Second because it looked better…. but now they are regretting it big style. Don’t get me wrong, Split Second is great and all, but Blur is one of the best games of the year. so addictive and so fun. More people need to see the light! says: Just goes to show it’s good to be different! Is it good enough to bribe people into doing things for you in return for some Blur playtime? If so I would rinse this as much as possible.

Justin BieberJustin Bieber – My Worlds – £8.93

Star rating: 5

By: Dani

Opinion: Definitely worth a buy.

This CD is definitely worth a buy! There are plenty of catchy songs on this CD. Should definitely buy this. Don’t think about it, buy it 🙂 says: BUY IT NOW. If you haven’t then you’re silly. Though I’d rather be silly than buy this CD! I reckon this one is strictly for the teenyboppers!

gstar rawG Star Raw Men’s Denim Long Sleeved T-shirts – Grey – £11.93

Star rating: 3

By: Snap

Opinion: OK top, very tight fitted so don’t buy if your don’t want other people to see your belly! says: I’d say Snap is bang on with that comment, because no one wants to look at a jelly belly walking down the street. Snap, you should be the next Gok!

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