No proof, No glory: Technology for the Adventurer in you

veho-video-camera-muvi-k-seriesWhen you’re embarking on an adventure, whether it’s tearing through the mountains on a mountain bike, base jumping off a building or swimming with sharks, the experience is often so awe inspiring that the last thing on your mind is capturing the moment.

But follow our top tips for products that will do the work for you, record your adventures and make it insanely easy to share them online. Take a look at our top extreme sport technology products…


The Ultimate Action Camcorder

Fusing technology and practicality, the Veho K-Series Handsfree Camera is the ultimate action camcorder, taking things to the next level. Boasting 1080p high definition recording, time lapse and 16 mega pixels still imagery, it has everything you need to catch your most exhilarating moments in all their glory. The package includes the new waterproof case which will work up to 100m under water, perfect for capturing free dives, scuba dives and extreme water sports.

If you can’t wait to share your adventures, just download the free Muvi K-Series app (available for iPhone and Android), connect your camcorder wirelessy to your phone and use the built in wi-fi to share with your friends over social media and email, clever eh?

No Proof, No Glory Bundle

A collaboration between Veho and lifestyle media partner ‘No Proof, No Glory’, this camera bundle is pretty much everything you need to get started with recording your adventures. With a waterproof case (up to 60m for up to an hour), 1080p dpi and 3 hour battery life for continuous recording, that’s the longest in the market!

The bundle also includes a range of accessories to capture every extreme sport you can imagine, from the helmet mounting kit to the 8GB Micro SD card, this is the perfect bundle to get you started. Take a look at the Veho No Proof, No Glory bundle here.

The Accessories

Once you have your first bit of kit, it’s time to build up the adventure and expand your collection. There are a few key accessories that we recommend for different pursuits, just choose the right one to suit your needs. They’re great value for money too, shop Veho accessories here.

If you’re into more hands on extreme sports, a headband strap might be the perfect accessory for you. It’s lightweight, fits over all helmet sizes and makes sure that the camera sees what you see. This is compatible with most Veho Muvi camcorders including the HD, Micro, HD with waterproof case and original Muvi, so the world is your oyster!

Sharing your experience with friends and family is almost as fun as the experience itself, get your kit together and get sharing.

Shop the full Veho range here >> 

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