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Ah, university. A time of living off food that comes out of a tin, mouldy mugs of leftover tea in every room, and coming up with creative ways to not have to wash your clothes for the entire term. However, at The Hut we don’t think it has to be this way. We want to help you enjoy your student life in comfort and style. Whether you’re a new student leaving home for the first time, or whether you’re a returning student, to give you some student living inspiration we’ve put together a uni essentials moving checklist for your student house. You can find everything you’ll need, all in one place at our Student Shop.

Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen Essentials

1) Kitchen Essentials. The Ultimate Kitchen Bundle is a handy helper as it includes everything you’ll need to be able to cook substantial meals, which you’ll miss dearly if you live on beans on toast for the year. Trust us, we’ve been there.

2) Bathroom Essentials. The next room on the checklist is the bathroom, and we’ve put together the functional Bathroom Bundle, which includes 3 towels as well as an easily portable and storable laundry bag.

3) Fun and Games. We won’t pretend that the occasional alcoholic beverage doesn’t make an appearance at university. The Lipstick-Shaped Hip Flask is a fun way to carry your favourite liquor. If you’re looking for some drinking games to play, why not go with classic Beer Pong, or try out the Gentleman’s Club Drinking Game Bar Mats for some variety.

4) Bedding. Having a comfy bed to hibernate in is a must at university. We provide a number of Bedding Bundles which include a duvet cover and pillowcases, as well as the duvet and pillows to go inside them, which is a real money saver.

Nkuku Kiko Large Glass Frame

Nkuku Kiko Large Glass Frame

5) Bedroom Accessories. A nice, cosy bedroom makes the transition of moving away from home that little bit easier. Make your new space your own with accessories. Nkuku make gorgeous, rustic bedroom accessories, like the Etched Glass T-Light Holder or the Kiko Large Glass Frame. The Newgate New Covent Garden Clock and its genuine hammer to bell alarm will give you a little extra help you if you get too cosy in your new room and need to get out to your lectures.

If you follow our uni checklist you’ll be prepared for student life and the upcoming term at university with all of your essentials. Be sure to browse our whole range of university essentials.

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