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Holiday beach bag essentials by guest blogger Olivia

With summer fast approaching it’s time to think holidays, but with holidays comes the dreaded packing… When I pack for my holidays I spend forever looking at what I will need for my suitcase, hand luggage and what I want to keep in my beach bag. I thought as I enjoy going to the beach so much and there are so many lovely things in The Hut Summer Shop I would share with you today what items I think it is key to have in your beach bag!


I always have sunglasses permanently on during my holiday, it’s key to protect your eyes especially when sunbathing, plus they are an amazing fashion statement and you can invest in so many different pairs! I usually go for a pair of black ones which go with everything, a pair of bright coloured ones and a fun pair which are great for parties! I usually invest a little more into the black pair as they get the most use, I love these Vero Moda sunglasses as they are a simple style but look fabulous!


I love to listen to music on the beach especially when I’m on holiday with friends, but I wouldn’t recommend taking your £200 speaker to the beach. Instead I would recommend investing in one that is still high quality but doesn’t cost the earth. I love the Jam Touch Bluetooth speaker as it’s great for everyone to be able to connect to wirelessly and it’s a lovely bright colour!

Sun tan lotion

If you are going to invest your money into anything before going on holiday make it sun tan lotion, it is key that you have the correct sun tan lotion and that you apply it regularly, especially when on the beach and going in and out of the water. I normally read reviews online before going on holiday and go with the one which has the most pluses for me personally. Riemann p20 Sun Filter is a great option as it keeps you protected for up to 10 hours and is water resistant, perfect.

Flip flops

I am a huge fan of flip flops, I think they’re perfect as they’re easy to wear on the beach and can still look amazing. My favourites are the gorgeously designed Havaianas as they look great quality and are so pretty!

Lip balm

It’s so key when in a hot place to wear lip balm as your lips can get so dry and chapped. I love Burt’s Bees lip balms, I saw they do a long lasting one which has ingredients such as cocoa butter in and I was sold, the balm lasts up to four hours which is perfect for when you’re lazing in the sunshine.

What will you be packing in your beach bag this summer? We love guest blogger Olivia’s choices, take a look at her blog to find out more!

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