Top 3 Tanning Products for that Summer Glow!

Not everybody can afford to whisk themselves away to a Caribbean island this summer, so cheat your way to that post-holiday tanned glow with our favourite thre tanning products at The Hut!

1. St Tropez Wash Off Instant Glow Face Lotion

To ease your skin into achieving that summer glow, test the waters with St Tropez instant glow face lotion! This lotion is wash off, so at the end of the day you can always restore your natural colour. This tinted facial lotion that gives an ultra-even all over glow to the face, and is the perfect starter to send you on your way to gorgeous, tanned skin.


2. Ambre Solaire Body Dry Mist

A quick and easy way to get gorgeous, sun-kissed skin, this dry tanning mist dries quickly, and promises to give you a natural looking, streak-free tan in just three short hours! Simple and quick, you can look like you just came back from the Bahamas in one short tanning session.


3. LDN Skins Self Tan Kit

For those who want to go all out and get that holiday bronzed skin, then this self tan kit from LDN is just what you need! Containing a moisturiser, foaming exfoliator, as well as a gradual tan lotion, you can gradually achieve a natural, even-looking tan day by day, with the help of an exfoliator and moisturiser to help your skin become smooth and soft; the perfect canvas for tanning! Treat yourself to this kit today, and bring the holiday sun to you.


Clare Potts

Clare Potts

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