After much deliberation we’ve decided to move home on Facebook, so if you ‘Like’ us then please continue the love by clicking the ‘Like’ button on our new page which you can find here:


We know it’s not as easy as that to get you to switch to our new page so here’s 3 reasons to convince you it’s worthwhile:

1. We literally can’t give away enough prizes on Facebook. There’s at least 1 competition a week, if not more. Sometimes it’s easy to win, sometimes it’s hard, it’s all relative to the kind of prize you could win!

2. Find out about special discounts, voucher codes, money off, super deals and exclusive Facebook offers before anyone else (who’s not ‘liked’ us). Our aim is to save you money!

3. You can talk to me, Dani! Ask me questions you might have about, tell me what you love or hate and basically just share your comments, reviews and suggestions and we’ll aim to get back to you to make your experience with as personal as possible!

PLUS – There’ll be a random prize draw when we hit 500 and 1,000 ‘Like’s!

So please ‘Like’ us, get your friends to ‘Like’ us and let us know what you want from us!

Clare Potts

Clare Potts

Lifestyle Editor

If I’m not at my desk poring over my favourite blogs and online magazines for inspiration, you’ll find me exploring the fells of the Lake District, trying out a new restaurant or styling my future home on Pinterest.

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