Well now that the draw has been made for the World Cup in South Africa, it would appear that it’s an open route to World Cup victory, over at TheHut.com we’re not too sure that this is the case and think it’s likely to be a case of quarter final-it is again.

Here are our ten reasons why we think England probably won’t win the World Cup….

1.    We only have one centre forward of note, let’s face it how excited would you be if your club announced that you were signing Emile Heskey?

2.    Spain and Brazil. Come on, be serious, they’re so much better than England right now.

3.    Penalty Shoot Outs.  However much we say we’ve practiced I’d still go for Togo if you had to bet who was going to come out top.

4.    Goalkeepers : who is the England Keeper. Ben Foster – not good enough for Man United first team. Joe Hart – not good enough for Man City first team, Robert Green – good enough for West Hams first team but really…..we’re not talking Dino Zoff and Iker Casillas here are we!

And some more reasons on Why England Shouldn’t Win the World Cup

5.    A hilarious victory song featuring Keith Allen (Lily Allen yes, Keith – no!) And what’s more Alex James of Blur would probably be in it, he’ll be even more smug than normal. And is bound to get Cheese in there somewhere.

6.    People will keep those stupid miniature flags on their cars and houses until Christmas.

7.    WAGS (again) there’ll be no putting them down – no matter how much you want to!

8.    The Sir Jolean Lescott Football Academy.

9.   “Arise Sir John Terry”.

10.    The other home nations will undoubtedly self combust after having to endure every TV programme, radio show, newspaper, magazine and any other media outlet have to mention the famous victory.  It’s bad enough that everyone still knows all the players from 1966 without throwing Ben Foster and Stewart Downing into the mix.

Still maybe we’re being too skeptical, after all where there’s belief there’s hope…! Share your thoughts….

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