Summer is in full swing and with it comes a blossoming new range of seasonal colours. So what can you expect to see in-store in the coming months? Read on for a sneak peak of what colours are hot for the rest of the Summer.


This dreamy shade of green is reminiscent of springtime florals and leafy garden foliage. It is a wonderfully soft tone that can be worn as a block colour or paired with a more vibrant shade for a bolder fashion look.

Opt for a floral Summer dress with touches of different shades of green for a subtle nod to this trend. This Vila dress is just what we’re looking for.



As a subtle blend of bluish grey, Paloma is this season’s go-to neutral colour. Wear it by itself for a chic and sophisticated look or team it with a brighter hue for something a little more colourful. Its versatility is sure to be a hit colour in corporate and casual wardrobes alike!

Dazzling Blue

From interior design to high fashion runways, blue is without a doubt the ‘it’ colour for 2014. Dazzling Blue reigns supreme in the apparel sphere with its brilliant vivacity and vibrant feel. Fashionistas have the freedom to mix Dazzling Blue with other bold shades to create the colour pop look or pair it with pastels for a perfectly balanced outfit.


The seasonal colour collection wouldn’t be complete without a shade that sizzled! Cayenne delivers on the heat factor with its spicy red tone which perfectly complements neutrals. We love this Vero Moda Womens Friday Playsuit from The Hut which will give your wardrobe an extra kick.


This blazing yellow is inspired by blooming springtime flowers and will no doubt be lighting up the wardrobes of ladies across the nation. Whether you wear it as a block colour or as part of a vibrant print, Freesia is guaranteed to get heads turning.

Radiant Orchid

If you want your look to ooze springtime cheer, Radiant Orchid is a beautiful shade of purple that looks great by itself or as part of a neutral ensemble.


Nail polish is a fantastic way to flaunt a new seasonal colour trend and complement fashion forward outfits. We love this gorgeous Poole shade from Butter London which lets you wear Hemlock on your nails! Freesia is fantastic but if you find the shade a little too intense for clothing, why not incorporate it into your look as an accessory?


With these trending colours in mind, it’s time to go ahead and start updating your seasonal wardrobe with some stylish new pieces. Whether you stick with one hue or mix and match for a more eclectic look, shades such as Hemlock, Paloma, Dazzling Blue, Cayenne, Freesia and Radiant Orchid will keep your spring 2014 look up-to-the-minute. You can also accessorise your skincare routine with colourful shades of Magnitone now available, take a look here.

Clare Potts

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