Eau Good – Use charcoal to get drink tasting water

Do you seek the perfect drink of water? Is the standard stuff that comes out of the tap simply not good enough for you? Well you might have something in common with the 17th century Japanese pioneers who first used charcoal to  purify their drinking water. Use this Eau Good water bottle to mineralise your tap water by balancing it’s pH and clear it off any harmful chlorine residue.

eau good

LEGO Drinking Bottle – For the fun-lovers

If you’re not so much a connoisseur of water, but more someone who likes to be entertained when rehydrating, then your best bet might just be this LEGO drinking bottle. The screw-off head is bound to bring laughs and cheerful giggles whenever you need a drink, a sure way to brighten up your work day.



Nike Handheld Running Bottle –  For the pavement pounders

If you’re into your running, chances are that you’re going to be keeping check of your hydration levels. If you sometimes forget to rehydrate after long runs or jogs on hot summer days – where we lose a lot of water through sweating and perspiration – then this Nike handheld running water bottle is a great choice to keep you hydrated whilst you run, so you never have to worry about your water levels.

drinkign runing

Xlab Aero TT Cycling bottle – For the speedy cyclist

This aerodynamic water bottle from Xlab can be mounted on your bike to keep you hydrated whilst riding, the slimline design means that you’ll cut through the air like a soaring eagle without breaking your race position. A well-crafted piece of sports hydration equipment that meets the needs of cyclists of all levels wanting to stay refreshed this summer.

bike water bottle


MyProtein Blender Bottle – For the gym lovers that want more out of their hydration.

This blender bottle from MyProtein is designed to blend protein shakes, recovery shakes, energy drinks and just about any type of powdered sports drink. The spacious size is great for adding water in after your shake is empty for a refreshing hit.

my p dsrink#


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