There’s still time to get that healthy beach body everyone seems to be working on once the sun comes out, and there’s still time to make a few changes to your diet and lifestyle to help you achieve your dream body! Here we’ve collected our Top 5 health and fitness products from The Hut, in the hope that any of our picks will help you get the healthy beach body that you deserve. Take a look:

1. Guarana Extract 22% Caffeine

Guarana is a small bean that grows in South America, and are known to be rich in caffeine. Guarana has a powerful effect on increasing the metabolic rate, suppressing your appetite and enhancing both physical and mental performance. Due to its slower absorption rate, Guarana tends to give a more sustained supply of energy when compared to the instant hit of caffeine. It is a particularly useful supplement for anyone looking to lose weight or increase their physical and mental stamina. This is particularly good for those of you who are just looking to get a bit more trim!


2. Ultimate Beauty Bundle (for Women)

This Ultimate Beauty Bundle contains four of our top products: True Woman Hair Skin & Nails, Total Acai Berry, Essential Vitamin C, and Omega 3 Super. Each of these contain their own unique benefits and properties, but overall guarantee to improve your body from the inside out, targeting improvements on your immune system, anti-ageing, skin, hair, nails, and overall beauty and health. Brilliant for those who want to feel great and look great!


3. Complete Weight Loss Bundle

This Complete Weight Loss Bundle contains four of our top weightloss supplements: Total Carb Blocker, Total CLA, True Woman – Thermo, and Total Acai Berry. These supplements are designed to give your body the extra boost it needs to resist absorbing and storing fats and calories from foods, as well as various antioxidants and nutrients to help your body achieve your weight loss goals.


4. My Protein Abs Pack

This abs pack from My Protein at The Hut is ideal for those of you who are closer to your healthy beach body goals, and are looking to add more tone and muscle definition. This Abs Pack bundle includes: Impact Whey Protein, CLA, and Daily Vitamins. The combination of these products with a thorough exercise regime encourages your body to gain lean muscle and lose fat, so that there’s no jiggle in your middle when the time comes to whip out the bikini!


5. Revive & Recover Bundle

To top it all off, we’ve included our Revive & Recover bundle, because if your body isn’t quite used to fitness regimes or a healthy, moderated diet, then it can sometimes need help recovering. Our Revive & Recover bundle includes: Complete Energy, Complete Sleep, Total Green Tea, and Total Ginseng. All four of these capsules and supplements help your body to continuously wake up refreshed and revived, even if you had a gruelling session at the gym the evening before. Described as a “pick-me-up”, this bundle could be your new best friend on your healthy beach body journey!


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