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Games like Real Heroes: Firefighter don’t come along very often. You may take one look at the packaging and think that it looks like a pretty ordinary budget game (and one that might not be of the highest quality) but happily, that could not be any further from the truth. Although the story features a classic action movie set-up, the level of realism, and the fascinating details about the firefighting process that pop up in it, are rather unusual, and more than welcome.

You play as a new recruit fresh from the firefighting academy, and the first half-hour or so acts as a tutorial, helping you to get your head around all of the equipment that lies at your disposal. In addition to your trusty water hose and fire extinguisher, you are also able to wield an axe at will, which is very useful for clearing debris and smashing through locked doors. You are also given access to a big rotary saw that you can use to cut through walls in an emergency. Needless to say, all of these tools use the Wii remote’s motion control in very satisfying ways.

This beginning portion of the game also displays some very strong writing and a good sense of character. One of your first assignments is to perform a mock rescue of another firefighter who is pretending to be dead, so when you finally find him, you will have to pretend to resuscitate him before carrying him out of the building. All of this is done in a very entertaining and tongue-in-cheek fashion, and it will make you instantly warm to the small cast of characters who follow you through the game’s story.

Although it is very realistic, Real Heroes: Firefighter is also extremely exciting and is a real blast to play. It almost feels like the kind of shooting game that has always been so popular with older gamers, but here, you have to put an end to some out-of-control flames rather than actual people or zombies. It’s not only a perfect title for kids who aren’t old enough to sample the likes of Call Of Duty yet, but also a great way to get a brief look into some of the situations that a real-life fireman may be presented with on a challenging day.

When you are working in rooms that are filled with smoke, you’ll have to crawl around on the floor to avoid it, and will also need to smash windows when appropriate in order to clear it. If you end up accidentally knocking a piece of furniture into a fire when you’re trying to put it out, that furniture will catch fire too, which could make your problems double in size if you aren’t careful. The game also teaches you that you can’t put out a roaring gas fire with water – you will have to hunt around for the control valve and ease it that way.real heroes firefighter

So this is not just some silly and mindless shooting game, because the developers have been extremely inventive with how the game’s missions play out. In one level you are called to find out why a fire alarm has been triggered at a shopping mall, and that job may even end up being a hoax. In another you have to save a woman who is trapped inside her car, and in another you take control of the big water cannon that sits on top of your fire engine, and need to clear a path so that a parade of grateful office workers can get to safety.

Because of all of these great ideas, Real Heroes: Firefighter is much more like a fireman simulator rather than just some daft action game with non-stop explosions and shouting. The plot gets a little silly in the second half, but it’s hard to care too much, simply because the first half is so excellent, and it earns the right to go a little Hollywood at the end. The whole game has all the action and excitement of a Call Of Duty or a Halo game, but because it is aimed at all ages and is always concerned with giving players a solid idea of what being a fireman might actually involve, it stands out as a superb for anyone and everyone in the family.

We would like to offer one tip though. A strange decision has been made (in the game’s default settings anyway) for all of your team’s radio chatter to come through the tiny speaker on the Wii remote. Although this makes the experience really authentic (it sounds like it’s coming through a walkie talkie) because it is so quiet you’ll end up having to play the game with the sound on the TV turned down, and for a game that has such great music and sound effects, this would be a shame. Luckily, you can change it in the settings, and we strongly advise you to do so!

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