The Prince Of Persia series of games may be over twenty years old now (with the very first one making its debut appearance way back in 1989) but no other series has done so much over the years to make sure that it has stayed perfectly fresh. Each new game always feels completely different from the last one, but at the same time, each one manages to keep hold of the important bits and pieces that the fans have always loved most about them. Prince Of Persia games are famous for offering a mixture of great platforming, ingenious puzzles and enjoyable-but-simple swordplay. And The Forgotten Sands is definitely no exception.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

However, in some of the earlier games (like the Sands Of Time, which was released in 2003) the puzzles were accused of being way too complicated for younger players, but very much like the Prince Of Persia game that was released in 2008, the puzzles this time are very mild and straightforward but also extremely clever. In this new one, the majority of them involve the Prince’s new ability to freeze jets of water, which he can then climb around upon and use as poles to swing to higher areas that may (at first) seem to be out of his reach. Although some of them are tougher than others (especially towards the end of the game) none of them are taxing enough to alienate any gamer, regardless of age or experience.

And although the (very good-looking) new Hollywood movie doesn’t share its plot with The Forgotten Sands, they work very nicely alongside each other. The game’s story involves the Prince’s brother summoning the ancient powers of the sand to protect his kingdom from an approaching army, and the way in which the two characters react to this situation makes for a surprisingly strong tale about adulthood, responsibility and leadership. It’s a pretty familiar adventure, but younger audiences (and young boys in particular) are likely to be gripped by it from start to finish.

Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

One addition to the gameplay (that links it quite nicely with the film) is the return of the ‘Dagger Of Time’, which was a much-loved little toy that first appeared in some of the earlier games. It involves the Prince’s ability to rewind time, and although this isn’t used in conjunction with any puzzles in the same way as the water-freezing, it does mean that a mis-step or an unfortunate accident doesn’t have to result in the Prince falling to his death. older fans of the series won’t have to use it at all, but younger players will be able to use it to earn themselves the occasional second chance, or to undo a careless mistake.

The Prince himself may still be fond of the odd bit of cheesy dialogue, but his character is a natural hero, and good storytelling means that even those who aren’t playing may get swept up in his story. The game can also have its difficulty settings altered at any time, so if anyone finds it too tough they can always down-size to ‘Easy’ mode at the touch of a button. Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is family-friendly entertainment that comes straight out of the top drawer, and fans of the film (and the earlier games) should definitely sign up to take part immediately.

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