Finding the perfect pair of jeans can leave you feeling frustrated, defeated and exhausted.

Wrestling with too-tight-denim, marking your skin with button marks and muffin tops are a jean/man repellant if ever there was one. It’s honestly not worth squeezing into jeans you used to fit in once (probably when you were a teenager) just to feel a sense of achievement – remember, jeans that are too tight will only make you look bigger.

The ideal pair of jeans will flatter, fit like a glove and last a long time.

At The Hut, we suggest you elongate those legs, accentuate that waist and skim down your thighs by using your body shape as a tool to aid the perfect denim purchase.


  1. Skinny and bootcut jeans will lengthen your legs
  2. To tackle any length issues, roll up your jeans and wear with flats or a high heels
  3. A high rise fit will lengthen legs, whilst low rise will lengthen your upper body – it’s your call!
  4. You’re the perfect size for pulling off bold colours and prints, but steer clear of wide leg jeans that will swamp your smaller frame
  5. Try 2nd One bamboo jeans or Influence’s skinny light blue denim

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  1. Dark washes will slim down  your shape
  2. Skinny jeans will also flatter your perfectly balanced curves
  3. Boyfriend jeans look great on you, but be careful they don’t make you look chunky
  4. High waist jeans will highlight your small waist and keep the balance between your hips and bust
  5. Try 2nd One dark blue heaven jeans or Glamorous high waisted jeans

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  1. A mid to high-rise fit is ideal for your shape
  2. An indigo wash is slimming and faded denim will help to slim down your legs
  3. Steer clear of heavy detailing and embellishments as they will make you appear larger than you actually are
  4. Try Influence indigo jeans or Influence dark blue zip front leggings

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  1. Boyfriend jeans will give you more shape
  2. Skinny jeans will cling and give you the appearance of curves
  3. Details on the back pocket of your denim will add curves
  4. High-rise jeans are ideal as they will give you the illusion of curves and give you more of a feminine shape
  5. Try Influence black jeans with back pocket detailing

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